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February 2011 NEWS

Monday 28 February 2011

manchester france Controlling traffic - a French view
A French student did a thesis on "Automobile attachment tested: study of devices to detach motorists and to recompose mobilities" (in plainer English - "How to stop drivers from using their cars" - this is a 476 page pdf, so will take some time to download. Most of it is in French, but some of it is in English including a transcript of an interview in March 2009 with NAAT on the oppositition to the Manchester toll con, which starts on the 357th page.

usa USA Roundup
  • A blogger with a novel comparison - Bottom Up - "Supermarkets, Congestion Tolling, and Free Markets".

  • Sundry stories - Maryland / DC - "Long & lonely road"   Maryland / DC - "Rep. Edwards: ICC harmful for lower-income families"   Washington State - "Is The Big Seattle Tunnel Worth What It Will Cost?".

    britain" Tyneside trolls celebrate
  • News Guardian - "New tunnel is officially open".
    As this is a toll tunnel, it is is likely to be a white elephant, with few more drivers crossing with two tunnels than there is now with one. Not that the operators will care, because to a significant extent it has been paid for by fleecing the drivers who have little choice other than using the existing toll tunnel.

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • More on proposal for New Brunswick tolls - Amherst Daily - "Tolls are very preliminary stage".

  • Getting a little more at the private crossing that links Canada and US - Windsor Star - "'Wanton greed' fleecing border crossers, MP says".

    south Bit more on the new tolls
  • IoL - "Gautengers unite as discord takes toll on road plan"   Politics Web - "Gauteng govt to profit from tolls - DA".

    greece Reaction to Greek toll unrest
  • Ekathimerini - "Governor backs idea of free highway passes for all - Central Greece chief says protestors are justified not to pay tolls".

    newzealand Toll free for a few
  • NZ Herald - "Tolls slip through loophole".

    japan Newspaper wants higher tolls
  • Japan Times editorial - "Toll system is seriously flawed".

    britain" The Future is Red
  • RAC Foundation - "Every Second Counts - Choices in the operation of traffic lights" pdf.

    britain" More Government Con
  • BBC - "UK 'to end direct aid to 16 countries'".
    The reality is that the money being given to other countries will be increasing in real terms and that no country will get an aid cut in the lifetime of this Government. Countries that will continue to benefit include China which has about 1,000 times our financial reserves and India which is just about to buy Britain's second biggest oil refinery (at Stanlow from Shell) - Economic Times - "Shell's Stanlow refinery to make Essar global refining player".

    earth The population touts and the opposition
  • Australian business wants more and more people - The Australian - "Business backs a 'big' Australia and nuclear energy". A Labour politician who wants to limit immigration and also cut Government incentives that discourage birth control - Sydney Morning Herald - "Work longer and cut immigration: Labor MP".

    Friday 25 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Etoll fun in Illinois - My Suburban Life - "Tollway fine leads Bolingbrook driver down rocky road" and Florida - News-Press - "Hidden charges have new meaning at invisible tollbooths" and Louisiana - Trei-Parish Times - "Toll revenue not enough to make bond payments".

  • Free ride at the expense of bridge users - WDSU (La.) - "CCC Toll Collection Contract To Expire In 2012".
    Though it seems that half of Louisiana drivers enjoy paying tolls (perhaps they should lay off the booze!)- NOLA - "Motorists at meeting split on whether to renew Crescent City Connection tolls".

  • Sundry stories - "Texas Cuts Truck Tolls on Highways near Austin"   Texas - "Smaller tolls for bigger trucks on SH 130, 45" video   "Texas 130 toll break unlikely to move many truckers" comments   "Governors to discuss DRPA"   NY - "Schumer on Grand Island Resident Bridge Discount" comments  NY - "Sen. touts law for GI bridge discounts"   Ohio River bridges - "NASH: Bridges project — more than a numbers game"   W Virginia - "Committee approves Tomblin's US 35 plan"   W Virginia - "Putnam Senator Weary of Tomblin Plan for Route 35"   W Virginia - "U.S. 35 toll plan might be back in the fast lane" comments   DC / Maryland - "36,500 travel the ICC".

    DC / Maryland - "ICC opens to traffic"   Washington State - "Questions may trip up I-405 tolling bill"   W Virginia - "Parkways delays awarding U.S. 35 construction bid" comments   NY - "Congestion Pricing Should Stay The Table"   California - "New toll system in LA county will enable high-occupancy/toll lanes, adjust rates based on traffic levels"   California - "To curb congestion, Los Angeles rolls out dynamic electronic toll booths"   Connecticut - "Toll Booth Talk Charges Up Westporters"   Connecticut - "Tolls did not work, so let's cut the spending" letter   W Virginia - "Tomblin's U.S. 35 plan gets cold reception"   Georgia - "Bill introduced to make Ga. 400 free".

    south More on the new tolls
  • The Government seemed to be rethinking how much they could extort from drivers, but the latest news suggests that they hope that people will quietly cough up whatever is demanded - IoL - "Exposed: Special toll deal".
    Sowetan Live - "You still have to pay for tolls"   Times Live - "New U-turn on tolls - Gordhan reassures institutions that lent money to Sanral for upgrade"   IoL - "Gauteng tolls are necessary – Imperial"   Business Day - "Don’t kill golden goose".
    BUA News (Government) - "No tolls yet, but more petrol, road tax"   Politics Web - "Ndebele Sets Good Example In Dealing With Gauteng Toll Outcry - AN"   IoL - "Toll road victory"     Joburg - "Tolls suspended by minister"   Sowetan Live - "Toll rates put on ice" comments   Times Live - "Poll more a concern" comments   Reuters - "Jo'burg road toll a test of ANC economic management"   BUA News (Government) - "Gazetted GP tolls suspended".
    Business Day - "Transport department suspends Gauteng tolls"   News24 - "Gauteng tolls on hold" comments   Times Live - "Tolls must not 'bite public too hard': Ndebele" comments.
    Mail&Guardian - "Defending the Gauteng tolls" video & comments   Politics Web - "Govt united on Gauteng tolls - Jimmy Manyi".

  • Tolls a hundred years ago - Business Day - "What Paul Kruger learned about toll roads the hard way".

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • From a New Brunswick Progressive Conservative who prefers other taxes to tolls - Telegraph-Journal - "No more 'Something for nothing'".

  • Update on plan to charge drivers for Port Mann crossing - BC Local - "New toll bridge assumes more drivers will pay to cross"   BC Local - "Don't scrap the Port Mann, move it" letter   BC Local - "Bridges should not be tolled" letter.

  • More on proposal for New Brunswick tolls - Guardian - "This wouldn’t be a neighbourly thing to do"   Journal Pioneer - "N.S. finance minister says road tolls at N.B. border will hurt economy".

  • More on the new toll bridge that is not attracting enough traffic - Now - "What to do about the Golden Ears?"   BC Local - "A quiet bridge to somewhere"   Langley Advance - "Bridge's impact still unknown".

    portugal New tolls near
  • Portugal News Online - "Scut & dried".

    hongkong Hong Kong Parliament says no toll increase, please
  • RTHK - "Legco opposes Eastern tunnel toll rise".

    australia Update on bust tunnel
  • Australian - "Toll on Brisbane's Clem Jones tunnel won't rise"   Sydney Morning Herald - "Tolls remain despite Clem7 collapse"   Sydney Morning Herald - "Spotlight on toll tunnels after Clem7 woes" video.

    nigeria Update on Nigerian toll protests
  • PMNews Nigeria- "Lekki Tollgates: We Will Not Surrender, LERSA Vows".

    ireland Update on Irish trolls being taken to court
  • Irish Times - "Judgment reserved on alleged overcharging of motorway tolls"   Irish Times - "Motorway firm says upwards-only tolls promised"   RTE - "Toll company battling overcharging case" video.

    costarica Trolls to automate collection to try and reduce delays
  • Inside Costa Rica - "CONAVI To Install Automatic Toll System".

    greece Reports on Greek toll protests
  • Straits Times - "'I Won't Pay' movement grips debt-ridden Greece"   Demotix - "Greek toll activists defy Government Threats".

    italy Courts stop tolls increase
  • AGI - "Lazio Court Keeps Road & Highway Toll Prices Down".

    earth Not up enough
  • Reuters - "Japan population growth rate slows to record low".
    Those who gain from population growth have spun a lie that there are major problems if population does not grow and they complain about the "reluctance to accept immigrants".
    In a country where the population is steady but people are living longer then there will be more old people, but to say that you need more people to look after the old, means that the population will be ever increasing until you reach a point when it is no longer a problem, as there will not be enough food.

    Thursday 24 February 2011

    britain" Next Head of State wants to make his family's £7 million a year travelling cost "greener"
  • BBC - "Royal Family advertises for new head of travel".

    earth Up
  • Immigration is even higher in the first year of Coalition - BBC - "UK immigration increases by 22%, official figures show"   ONS - "Migration Statistics Quarterly Report - No 8: February 2011" pdf.

    Monday 21 February 2011

    earth AGW
  • Recent release from Weather Action - "Celestial Fireworks Feb18/19 challenge warmist Meteorology World-wide" pdf.

    usa USA Roundup
  • Bad weather delays the opening of the toll road that many people didn't want to be built - Baltimore Business Journal - "ICC opening delayed by a day due to snow"   Washington Post - "Debate over the merits of Maryland's new toll road continues as the ICC opens to traffic".

  • Sundry stories - D.C. / Va. - "Committee to put pressure on Dulles Greenway owners"   W Virginia - "Tomblin proposes loan for U.S. 35".

    britain" Drivers to be milked again to pay for tourist "icon"
  • BBC - "Clifton Suspension Bridge toll rise 'inevitable'".

    united More tolls for UAE
  • Arabian Business - "New Salik tolls could be key source of cash for Dubai".
    In the great democratic tradition, long bolstered by Britain and America, the Emirates are a "federation of seven absolute monarchies" (Wikipedia). It's a wonder that they don't have more feudal tolls!

    south More on the new tolls
  • IoL - "Mokonyane concerned over pricing of tolls"   Times Live - "No clash in govt over tolls: Manyi".
    Times Live - "ANC Gauteng to act on tolls" comments   Mercury - "MEC red-flags KZN e-tolling proposal"   Joburg - "More talks about tolls"   iAfrica - "Tolls to alter property"   .

    nigeria Economist complains about toll protests in Nigeria
  • Daily Independent - "Enough of ‘no toll, no fencing’ agitations!".

    australia Trolls takeover Speed cameras
  • Daily Telegraph - "MacBank launches $300m bid for speed cameras through buying Redflex".

    china Some facts on China's money machine
  • Global Times - "Highways to hell" (3 pages).

    earth Warning to try and find a lifejacket as the waves claim the ship
  • AFP - "Planet could be 'unrecognizable' by 2050, experts say".
    The quote from the WWF is laughable, as they are one of the orginisations that have diverted people's attention away from this problem. They also actively campaigned to keep and spread the use of tolls in Scotland.

    britain" Another test of how stupid Britons are
  • BBC - "Plan to bring UK clocks forward"   Mail - "Dawn of double summertime as Coalition consider putting clocks forwards by TWO HOURS".
    This plan would move Britain from GMT to Central European Time. Berlin is 14.3 degrees east of Birmingham, and a time zone is 15.0 degrees wide. So if this "extra" daylight is so wonderful, then why have the Germans not put their clocks on to Belarus time? This also shows that the politicians would make good companions for Canute, as if the clocks go forward another hour, what will stop people from changing the "time" that they get out of bed and and businesses from changing their opening hours?

    Sunday 20 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Penn. - "PhillyDeals: Builders extolling private highway projects"   "Q&A on Maryland's Intercounty Connector" video.

    greece Another toll protest
  • ANA-MPA - "Protest action at toll posts on Sunday".
    According to their website the movement's goals are (translated from Greek) -
  • Abolish concessions of national roads to private companies.
  • To remove all tolls, private or state
  • Continue all the works of extension or improvement of all national networks operated by a public institution of social control.
  • We reject the logic of the card, the electronic toll or use side roads.

  • canada Toll tales from Canada
  • Opposing views on tolls - Province - "Tolls are needed"   Province - "Forget tolls! We pay enough for bridges with gas taxes".

    south Bit more on the new tolls
  • IoL - "Toll fees: ANC heavyweights clash".

    china Dissident view
  • Global Times - "Road Rage". "Rage" is easily stifled in a state that would not hesitate to use force to support the trolls.

    Saturday 19 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Bit more on attempt to bring back tolls to Connecticut - The Day - "Lawmakers debate state highway tolls"   News Times - "Area officials object to toll proposal".

  • It is easy to say that you are aginst tolls and to vote against them if you think that your vote will have no effect. But when it really counts, then you may be told by the troll masters that your finger must have slipped - Asbury Park Press - "GOP lawmaker's vote switch may be important".

  • Sundry stories - Washington State - "520 bridge tolls closer to final passage"   W Virginia - "Parkways Authority delays U.S. 35 toll meeting".

    indonesia Jakarta councillors still want a Con
  • Jakarta Post - "Council to move quickly on ERP bylaw".

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • Bit more on latest tolls pushing - Ctv - "UBC professor proposes tolls on all bridges, tunnels" video.

    europe Tolls up
  • Handy Shipping Guide - "Higher Road Tolls Will Hit Freight Haulage Companies".

    britain" Record
  • AA - "Fuel Price Report February 2011"   Telegraph - "British petrol should fall in price as it has in Europe, AA says".
    What are the chances that the Government will introduce a "fuel price regulator" when they believe that prices have peaked and are likely to fall?

    Friday 18 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • - "Gov. John Kasich says some toll workers make $66,000 a year to do the work machines could do: PolitiFact Ohio".
    One of the mysteries of life is why drivers so meekly queue up to hand money over to the highway robbery system that is known as "tolls".

  • Update on attempt to bring back tolls to Connecticut - Hartford Courant - "Proposals for tolls in Conn. receive mixed reviews"   Hartford Courant - "Transportation Committee Takes Up Question Of Tolls".

  • The New Jersey Senate have voted to reduce toll increase, but Governor will probably ignore them - Daily Record - "NJ Senate OKs toll increase rollback" - "N.J. Democrats approve bill reducing toll hike despite Christie objections" - "Live from the state Senate: Toll trouble for Christie".

  • No tolls, if you are military - and dead - State Column - "‘Deceased Veterans Dignity Act’ clears first Senate hurdle".

  • Sundry stories - W Virginia - "U.S. 35 decision delayed again"   Rhode Island - "Newport County, East Bay Legislators Oppose Idea of Sakonnet Bridge Tolls"   Florida - "Modernization takes a toll on Florida’s Turnpike crew" comments   Florida - "Questions and answers about the Florida conversion to electronic toll roads"   Maryland / D.C. - "High tolls on ICC might limit benefits for trucking industry"   Washington State - "WSDOT: Good to Go! toll site has bugs"   Alaska - "A bridge too far? Legislators should think twice before throwing more money at the Knik Arm Crossing".

    australia Four views of a Con
  • As you might guess, the newspaper gives three views in favour and only one against the Con - Sydney Morning Herald - "Should motorists pay for the congestion they cause?".

    earth More AGW
  • The chief science man says that the end is nigh due to too much CO2 created by USA - BBC - "John Holdren criticises US Congress over climate".
    Instead of mumbo-jumbo about the effects of the increase in CO2, the President and his advisers should worry about the increase in population. The 2010 Census shows the US population as 308,745,538, which is 9.7 per cent higher than the 2000 Census count. At that growth rate per decade, in 2100 the population will be 710 million.

  • It's definite - man made global warming causes snow - BBC - "Science In Action" 9 minutes into audio.

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • More on lossmaking bridge - Langley Advance (B.C.) - "Taxpayers stuck with bridge bills"   Langley Advance - "Numbers stuck".

  • The Province (B.C.) - "Tolls unfair to already heavily taxed drivers".

  • More on latest tolls pushing - The Province (B.C.) - "Academic pitches tolls for Metro Vancouver bridges and tunnels" comments.

  • Canadians are either honest or scared - BCLocal - "Few trying to evade tolls on Golden Ears".

  • More views on New Brunswuck toll proposal - Journal Pioneer - "NB Tolls would hurt Island economy: Chamber".

    south More reaction to the new tolls
  • News24 - "Strike action over e-tolls on the cards" comments   Mail & Guardian - "For whom the tolls erode"   EyeWitness News - "Cosatu to fight Gauteng tolls ’tooth and nail’"   Times Live - "Public being tricked into accepting high toll costs: iLIVE"   Mail & Guardian editorial - "Tolls the only way to go".

    europe london Eurotrolls give Ken a bravery award for Con
  • Parliament (EU) - "EU commissioner says railways have 'crucial' role in tackling climate change".

    london Con wins 6th place
  • "Congestion charging" is number 6 in the list of "innovations that have contributed the least to Britain in the last 10 years" - Telegraph - "Reality TV and Facebook – the worst innovations of last decade". The Con would probably have come higher in the vote, but so far most people in Britain have not experienced it.

    earth AGW
  • Increased Government subsidy for wind farm scam - BBC - "Windfarms to bring communities average £20,000 a year".

    Thursday 17 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Prisoners to help chase the 150,000 Texas tolls a day that automated systems can't handle - Fox - "Inmates Could Be Part of NTTA Toll Billing" video   NBC - "NTTA Mulling Prisoners as Contractors". The oddest thing about this is that Texans don't seem to care that 1984 has arrived.

  • Update on possible cancellation of New Jersey toll increase - / AP - "N.J. Senate to decide whether to cancel scheduled Parkway, Turnpike toll increase".

  • Please sir, no tolls - Providence Journal (R.I.) - "Lawmakers seek to ban tolls on Sakonnet Bridge".

  • Sundry stories - Ohio River Bridges - "‘Devil is in the delay’"   "Alaska $150M Knik bridge proposal moves forward"   "Cash for Knik bridge gets cool reaction from Alaska legislators"   Pa. - "Bumps ahead for roads proposal"   Georgia - "Fulton Lawmaker Wants 400 Toll Gone"   Pa. / NJ - "Another Bridge Toll Hike Likely In 2011" video   Washington State - "State launches Good To Go! passes and account sign-ups for SR 520 tolling".

    Maryland - "County gears up to oppose toll hikes"   Maryland - "Crews work nonstop in Md. to finish first section of Intercounty Connector toll road"   Ohio River Bridges - "Obama budget plan includes cash for new bridge"   Alaska - "Knik Arm Crossing: A bridge too far?"   Virginia - "Isle of Wight Supervisors to discuss tolls and cameras"   Virginia - "HOT lanes and the Arlington lawsuit, part 2: Slow down"   NY - "Sen. Chuck Schumer defends Staten Island bridge toll discounts".

    malaysia Tolls up, traffic up
  • Malaya Business Insight - "SCTEX sees traffic rise despite higher tolls".

    japan Lower toll limits
  • Reuters - "Japan's new highway toll caps may boost fuel demand"   Reuters - "Japan to cap weekday highway tolls at $24".
    As the ruling party promised to remove tolls, any charge is too high, and even with the limits, these will still be some of the highest tolls in the world. And if there is concern about fuel consumption, then the best answer is to increase the fuel tax which is low compared with Europe. Though given the usual coalition of corrupt and naive "green" interests there is lttle chance that tolls will go - Asahi - "EDITORIAL: Expressway toll cuts".

    south More reaction to the new South African tolls
  • In one way the reaction is too soon, as the tollng has not started. On the other hand it is probably too late to stop the corruption of tolling - IOL - "‘YOU take a taxi, Sbu’"   Financial Mail - "Freeways not free"   Sowetan - "Call for debate on new tolling"   IoL - "Sanral boss defends toll fees"   Business Day - "Road tolls far cheaper than feared — Sanral".
    Times Live - "Cosatu joins toll road furore - Union says system will hammer poor workers" comments   Times Live - "AfriForum calls for no VAT on toll fees" comments   IoL - ""Don't like tolls? Get on the bus"" comments   IoL - "Toll costs reveal two faces of ANC"   IT Web - "E-tolling splits leadership".
    Times Live - "Make up your mind on foreign investment: Sanral chief" comments   Sowetan - "New toll system now hangs in the balance" comments   Times Live - "ANC to force rethink of road toll fees" comments   Business Report - "Toll road system will raise costs of doing business in Gauteng" comments.

    ireland Irish drivers don't care about roads or taxes or tolls
  • HGV - "AA issues election message". The survey of 22,000 drivers which presumably backs this claim is not on the Irish AA's website

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • CBC - "Taxpayers off hook for toll shortfall" comments   BCLocal - "Tolls far short of costs as drivers shun Golden Ears Bridge"   NEWS1130 - "Golden Ears Bridge revenue down" comments   Vancouver Sun - "Tolled bridge to cost taxpayers even more".
    This was originally a PPP scam, but the "backers" backed out - a wise move.

  • Differing views on the possibility that plan for a new tolled bridge may be abandoned - BCLocal - "50 years with no tolls? So be it" letters.

  • Tolls pushing from "Think City" - Straight (B.C.) - "TransLink should toll all bridges, including Lions Gate and Alex Fraser crossings".

  • Two people against tolling - Times & Transcript (New Brunswick) - "Forum".

    britain" Gerrymandering bill passed
  • The bill designed to ensure a perpetual two party Coalition including the Lib Dems is passed - BBC - "Referendum on voting system goes ahead after Lords vote".
    In the 1975 referendum, 67% of voters were in favour of staying in the Common Market, so perhaps they can be persuaded to vote for an end to meaningful voting.

    britain" People Power, or a victory for dog walkers?
  • The Government does a rare u-turn following a petition, though it did not get as many signatures as Peter Robert's petition against road pricing - BBC - "Cameron 'to abandon plans to change forest ownership'".

    britain" Old Lady banking on more inflation to boost economy
  • BBC - "Inflation will rise sharply, says Mervyn King"   BofE - Inflation report   BofE - Dear letters.
    Cheap money mainly benefits spivs and speculators. The right way to boost an economy is to have efficient, effective and open systems.
    PS The Old Lady has published this different view from one MPC member, amongst other things he reminds people that the value of the pound has fallen by a quarter since summer 2007 - BofE - "The UK’s inflation problem: selling England by the pound?" pdf.

    earth AGW
  • More of whatever happens let's blame AGW - "Climate change raises flood risk, researchers say".
    The real increase in flood risk is not from any change in rain, it is because there are a lot more people and more built on land in flood plains and other areas where rivers have overflowed for hundreds of years.

  • The Sun is waking up from it's four year sleep - BBC - "Sun unleashes huge solar flare towards Earth"   Weather Action - "New big solar storms .......".

    Wednesday 16 February 2011

    earth Keep on breeding
  • The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution says that because of "objections on social and ethical grounds" there should be no attempt made to limit Britain's population growth, instead people should be moved to areas of Britain that are not yet crowded - BBC - "Green advisors target consumption in swansong report"   RCEP - "Demographic Change and the Environment" large pdf.

  • The World Bank warns that "Global food prices are rising to dangerous level", but does not mention population growth - WB - "Food Price Hike Drives 44 Million People into Poverty".

    Tuesday 15 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Florida - "Part of Turnpike to remove cash tolls"   DC / Virginia - "HOT lanes and the Arlington lawsuit, part 1: Myth vs. reality"   Alaska - "Supporters seek $150 million for the Knik Arm bridge"   Florida - "Brevard officials worry about toll increases".

    south More reaction to the new South African tolls (though they have not yet started)
  • East Coast Radio - "New tolls will cause inflation"   Business Day - "Gauteng tolls may force vehicles to shrink"   Business Day - "Paying tolls by post"   Business Day - "Can tolls come down?".
    EyeWitness News - "NCF questions foreign stake in Gauteng toll scheme"   IoL - "R4bn toll contract fury"   Mail & Guardian - "Unhappiness at Gauteng tolling system grows" comments   Times Live - "New toll fees will punish workers"lot of comments   IT Web - "E-tolling hinders SA's competitive-edge".
    Business Day - "New tolling system ‘to put strain on businesses’"   City Press - "Dummy’s guide to paying for road use"   Times Live - "Highway tolls set to violate us yet again".

    greece Government may sell the toll roads
  • Ekathimerini - "Greece’s plan for privatization".

    europe Eurotrolls agree that tolls can be racked up
  • Euro Politics - "Council adopts common position on Eurovignette"   Food Production Daily - "Food industry criticises ‘polluter pays’ road transport charges".

    canada Toll tales from Canada
  • CBC - "Harbour Bridge nixes refunds for transponders". Perhaps drivers would prefer tolls to stay!

  • On New Brunswick toll proposal - Times & Transcript - "Toll idea is not solution".

    newzealand Toll rebels
  • NZ Herald - "Toll dodgers get off lightly"   NZ Herald - "Editorial: Losing money to make money".
    It's no suprise that the organisation which is supposed to represent drivers, is angry about those who don't pay, rather than about the toll racket - which it "conditionally" supports.

    britain" Inflation still going up
  • BBC - "UK inflation rate rises to 4% in January"   ONS - "Consumer price indices January 2011" pdf.
    The Governor must be well on his way to a Dukedom by now.

    Saturday 12 February 2011

    earth AGW
  • GISS have published their January figures - "GLOBAL Land-Ocean Temperature Index" (see bottom of page).
    According to their figures, January was 0.46 degrees Celsius warmer than the 1951 - 1980 average, and nearly one degree warmer than a 100 years before. Taking the hot year 1998 as a starting point, it is the joint 9th warmest January out of the last 14 years.

    Friday 11 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • The "Reason" Foundation selling tolls, though tracking and other disadvantges are mentioned - Ars technica - "We know where you've been: privacy, congestion tracking, and the future".

  • Trolls taken to Court - Courthouse News Service - "Unconstitutional Stops on Florida Highways".

  • Sundry stories - Texas - "TxDot removing tolls from road -- just for the weekend"   Washington State - "State explains 520 tolling plan to City Council"   NH / Mass. - "New, old toll debate continues".

    greece Government seeks to increase punishment for protestors (update)
  • Ekathimerini - "PM blames SYRIZA for 'I won't pay' protests"   ANA - "PM: 'Lawlessness not the answer'"   Ekathimerini - "Tougher measures for toll, transport protestors unveiled".

    britain" Cost of Humber tolls
  • Scunthorpe Telegraph - "Constituents respond in their dozens over weekly cost of Humber Bridge tolls".

    portugal New tolls may increase accidents on other roads
  • Portugal News Online - "Death toll?".

    canada Tales from Canada
  • Tolls police catch a few other criminals by accident - Langley Advance - "Pot traffickers caught on bridge".

  • Gathering of mass transit advocates in Montreal told to push for tolls - Montreal Gazette - "Mileage tax better than gas tax to curb car use, experts say".

  • Bit more on the tolls pushing in New Brunswick - NB Business Journal - "Highway tolls unwanted tax, say industries"   Amherst Daily - "N.B. tolls could kill economy".

  • Bit more on toll scheme that may be dropped - BCLocal - "Editorial — Tolls part of the calculation"   Record - "New Westminster's mayor prefers new Pattullo Bridge".

    britain" Old Lady sticks to high inflation plan
  • BBC - "UK interest rates held at 0.5% by Bank of England"   BofE - "Bank of England Maintains Bank Rate at 0.5% and the Size of the Asset Purchase Programme at £200 Billion".

    Thursday 10 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - NY - "Pols head off congestion fee"   "Think tank charges Maine Turnpike Authority with excessive spending"   Maine - "Bill seeks piece of turnpike revenue pie"   Ohio - "No benefit to turnpike privatization".

    australia Trolls make money
  • Sydney Morning Herald - "Tolls turn traffic to cash"   Herald-Sun - "Tolls boost lifts dividend".

    canada Few from Canada
  • More on the tolls pushing in New Brunswick - Telegraph-Journal - "Tories will consider tolls"   Journal Pioneer - "Throw highway toll idea into reverse".

  • Man from World Bank joins in Toronto toll touting - Star - "’Burbs bigger greenhouse gas emitters than inner city".

  • More on toll scheme that may be dropped - Vancouver Sun - "TransLink reconsiders Pattullo Bridge plan"   BCLocal - "Bond defends rethink of need for new Pattullo bridge"   Province - "Pattullo Bridge rehabilitation would mean no toll".

    britain" Stats
  • The DfT have just published two lots of updated statistics.
    The first lot is - "Road traffic and speeds statistics" (note that part way down the page there is a link to compressed Excel files of all the data). There are 1,001 tables available, which amongst other things show that the number of miles travelled by car peaked in 2007, with a slight downward trend continuing into 2010.
    The other lot is - "Road congestion statistics" (again note that part way down the page there is a link to compressed Excel files of all the data for the "inter-urban roads" and "local authority managed A roads"). The recent trend seems to be a fall in miles travelled per person, an increase in speed, and as a result, a fall in journey times.

    earth AGW
  • AGW receives further backing from Britain's next head of state - BBC - "Prince Charles: Climate sceptics gamble with the future". A look at the Prince's website, shows that he mentions "climate change" nearly 400 times, which is ten times more than his mentions of "population growth".
    Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Transport shows where the Government's priorities are on roads - DfT - "Government cuts red tape to allow Royal Wedding street parties to go ahead".

  • The Met Office have issued their - Climate summary for Jan 2011. They say that the "Mean temperatures for the month as a whole were somewhat below the 1971–2000 average". Their anomaly map shows the western half of the UK as one degree Celsius colder than this average, and the eastern half as average.

  • We have not mentioned sunspots for a while, but some AGW sceptics think that solar activity (of which sunspots are not the best indicator, but the only measure that we have which goes back in time for any significant length) is in a complex way related to Earth's climate / weather patterns. One problem with making long term comparisons is that the official sunspot numbers seem to have been exaggerated in recent years. This site uses a method which it is claimed is more in line with historical observations, and thus gives a better long term comparison - Landscheidt - "Layman's Sunspot Count".

    Wednesday 9 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • Some comment on the proposal to toll Conecticut's borders - Stamford Advocate - "From Rocky Hill, The Toll Man cometh"   Greenwich Time - "Border tolls? No, thank you".

  • Plan to create jobs in South Carolina, by tolling North Carolina - Herald - "Study: N.C. toll road would add jobs in S.C."   Charlotte Observer - "State: Gaston toll road would funnel jobs to S.C.".

  • Is anyone selling the Con to NY, apart from a few cyclists?   Queens Gazette - "Pols Denounce Traffic Pricing Plan"   Gothamist - "Bloomberg Won't Fight For Congestion Pricing This Time"   Streetsblog - "Bloomberg: It’s Up to Albany to Revive Congestion Pricing".

  • Trolls create jobs - for dunning drivers - WREX - "Illinois Tollway brings jobs to Rockford, Galesburg".

  • Sundry stories - Maryland / DC - "First stretch of Intercounty Connector toll road in Maryland to open Feb. 22"   Washington State - "Senate, House submit bills to enact 520 tolls" comments   N.C. - "Toll plaza for planned N.C. bridge would be outside of town"   California - "Happy Valentine's: SBX lowers some tolls on Feb. 14"   N.J. - "The Democrats on tolls: Seven years' bad luck for drivers".

    canada Toll scheme may be dropped
  • News1130 - "Plans to tear down Pattullo on hold. TransLink is looking at renovations instead" comments   BCLocal - "Spectre of tolls may quash new Pattullo".

    britain" More on Liverpool tolls increase
  • Wirral Globe - "From the Globe's message boards: Tunnel tolls hike backlash"   Wirral News - "Drivers urged to protest against Mersey tunnel toll increase"   Wirral News - "Disabled concessions reviewed"   Wirral News - "Politicians call decision to increase tunnel tolls from April “a hammer blow to Wirral”".

    greece More on toll protest
  • Reuters - "Greek road operators want toll dodgers punished"   UPI - "Protest means no tolls for Greek drivers"   ANA-MPA - "'I won't pay' movement raises the bar throughout Greece"   Ekathimerini - "Protesters occupy toll stations".

    south Bumper bundle of reports on the new South African tolls (though they have not yet started)
  • It is odd that people only now seem to realise that tolling is a very expensive way to raise income for roads, and is often corrupt - Times Live - "Gauteng tolls will raise commodity prices: SACP"   News24 - "Slow progress"   Sowetan - "'Greed drives road tolls'"   iol - "e-tolling for other regions eventually".
    Fin24 - "e-tolling for other regions eventually" lot of comments   Business Day - "Snags to toll system"   Business Day - "The state: Sanral tolls for thee"   Business Day - "Minister promises further discussion on new Gauteng tolls"   New Age - "Further engagement on tolling"   New Age - "Editorial: A question of road tolls raises ire".
    Politics Web - "New road tolls will hit workers hard - COSATU Gauteng"   Politics Web - "New road tolls will hit workers hard - COSATU Gauteng"   Times Live - "Gauteng tolling system too complex: DA" lot of comments   Business Day - "Discounts offered on Gauteng tolls".
    An alternative to taxes, though it would affect the poorer drivers almost as badly - Business Day - "Policing can thin traffic".

    canada Reaction to tolls pushing in New Brunswick
  • Telegraph-Journal - "Alward not sold on need for tolls" comments and from a lover of tolls - Chronicle-Herald - "Hefty bridge toll increases would drive folks onto buses".

    poland New Polish tolls
  • Warsaw Business Journal - "Preliminary tolls revealed for Poland's highways".
    The car toll of 0.20 zlotys a kilometre is about 7 pence or 11 US cents a mile. This may not sound much but is about the same as a fuel tax of nearly three pounds or four dollars a gallon.

    malaysia Another complaint about Malaysian tolls
  • The Star - "Most taxing tolls on intra-urban highways".

    indonesia Trolls colour blind
  • Berita Jakarta - "Vehicle Restriction Based on Color Deemed Ineffective".

    russia More tolls in "democratic" Russia
  • Itar-TASS - "Road agency to hold contest for operator of part of Don highway".

    australia Hard way to avoid tolls
  • Herald-Sun - "Geelong woman escapes $41,000 worth of traffic fines".

    finland Bit more on Helsinki Con
  • YLE - "Helsinki Congestion Charge Faces Opposition".

    earth One investor's perspective on population growth
  • Asia Times - "Nile lesson for the world".

    earth AGW
  • More selling of AGW on the Beeb - "Arctic canary looking sicker than ever".

  • Beeb backs another Carbon money maker - "Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon".

    Tuesday 8 February 2011

    britain" Waste? Or another case of Three Wise Monkeys?
  • BBC - "M25 scheme 'may have wasted £1bn'"   Daily Mail - "Botched plan to widen M25 'could cost the taxpayer an extra £1billion'"   Public Accounts Commitee - "M25 Private Finance Contract".
    MPs seem to have the knack of missing the obvious. The M25 widening cost so much because of the PFI process, which is a scam invented by the Tories and then copied by Labour on a massive scale. It almost inevitably means that projects take years longer to reach the stage where work begins and the projects cost far more than with a traditional contract.   ICAS - "Financial Black Holes: Accounting for Privately Financed Roads in the UK" pdf.
    Widening a motorway is certainly more difficult and expensive than using "hard shoulder running", but in the long run both may be needed.

    The stories quote the Roads Minister as saying "This government is driven by the need to get value for money for taxpayers so I welcome this report. It is another example of Labour costing taxpayers dearly. I am determined to learn the lessons of the report and we will act on its recommendations." In reality the Government have already said that they are going down the wasteful PFI route with the plans for tolled bridges near Liverpool.

    The Daily Mail quote the boss of the RAC Foundation, saying - "Next time fuel duty rises drivers will know why - to meet Government costs which shouldn't have been incurred in the first place.". He should know that one billion pounds is only what the Government takes from drivers each and every week. It is nonsense to suggest that wasting money on PFI is an excuse for extracting more money from drivers.

    Monday 7 February 2011

    earth AGW
  • Nobel prize winning economist says that high food prices are due to global warming - NY Times - "Droughts, Floods and Food".
    For writing about food prices without mentioning population growth, he must be after another Nobel prize!

    Saturday 5 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • New Jersey's trolls still want a 50 per cent toll hike, even though the scheme it was to finance was scrapped - Daily Record - "Adviser to Christie: Rollback of toll hikes a bad idea".

  • A novel idea - Hartford Courant (Connecticut) - "Think Outside The Toll Booth".

  • Gimme, Gimme, that's what I want - Star (Toronto) - "San Francisco agency eager to adopt road tolls".

  • Pushing for "novel financing" to boost the Federal "Highways" Trust Fund, though it is also used to subsidise mass-transit and cycling - DC Streetsblog - "AASHTO Suggests Some Tools for Getting Out of the Transpo Funding Mess"   "The Forum On Funding And Financing Solutions For Surface Transportation In The Coming Decade Conference Report" pdf.

  • Sundry stories - Connecticut - "Border tolling, road projects, to get attention from state lawmakers"   California - "Bill aims to crack down on toll evasion loophole" video   W Virginia - "US 35 Saga: W.Va. DOH says $40M needed to complete project; Hall, Facemyer say tolls are not the answer"   "Suit filed over toll discount for R.I. residents on Pell Bridge"   N.J. - "The Democrats on tolls: Seven years' bad luck for drivers".

    london Dave Hill peddling a tale that drivers don't care about being Conned
  • Guardian - "Congestion charge change doesn't impress London's motorists much".

    britain" Bit more on cheeky bid to buy Humber tolls
  • Hull Daily Mail - "Bridge board boss: buyout plan is up to the Government".

    britain" Bit more on Liverpool tolls increase
  • Wirral Globe - "Drivers urged to join demonstration against tunnel toll hike".

    south More on the toll rates for the Gauteng "Freeway"
  • IoL - "Outrage at toll road hikes".

    australia Toll tale
  • Sydney Morning Herald - "Labor's long and winding road toll tease".

    malaysia Another complaint about Malaysian tolls
  • The Star - "Taken for a ride for way too long".

    earth Don't panic, here's a blindfold
  • On the 18th January the Independent had this - "Dominic Lawson: The population timebomb is a myth". It quoted the director of the UN's Population Division saying - "We still don't understand why fertility has gone down so fast in so many societies, so many cultures and religions. It's just mind-boggling...".
    On the 3rd February the BBC had a story which has appeared almost nowhere else - "UN 'concerned' by world population growth trends". It quotes the same Director as saying ""Even countries with intermediate fertility need to reduce it to replacement level or below if they wish to avert continuous population increases to unsustainable levels.".
    The "World Demographics Trend" report that is referred to by the BBC is not on the Population Division's website or anywhere else on the web. An old version can be found. It said that at current fertility rates 40 years from now the population will have increased by 5 billion to 12 billion. The report however assumes that this won't happen and that the population will "only" have increased by 2 billion.

    earth AGW
  • BBC - "Climate mass migration fears 'unfounded'"   International Institute for Environment and Development - "Climate change: governments should support migration, not fear it".
    It seems that the increasing world population is not a problem, and we should not be concerned about the people who want to move to Britain. As the IIED said in 2009 - "the real issue is not the growth in the number of people but the growth in the number of consumers and their consumption levels" - "Study shatters myth that population growth is a major driver of climate change".

    Friday 4 February 2011

    usa USA Roundup
  • City Watch (California) - "Now Some Good News: Motorists Rejecting Toll Roads".

  • Sightline(Washington State) - "Not So HOT?".

  • Two cents worth from Paul Mulshine - Star Ledger (N.J.) - "An enormous toll hike? Do the math".

  • Legal action against State border tolls - Providence Journal (Rhode Island) - "Class-action lawsuit calls Pell Bridge tolls discriminatory".

  • According to the Charleston Daily Mail, the sky wil really fall in if tolls are removed, and there won't be anybody to clear up the snow - "Editorial: Eliminating tolls".
    Odd that this "editorial" bears the name of Associated Press, and also odd that they have never heard of fuel and other taxes.

  • Sundry stories - W Virginia - "Turnpike debate: Lawmakers target tolls — again"   California - "Free way"   Maine - "Our Opinion: It’s past time for Turnpike to join austerity club"   Florida - "Tolls not enough to pay for Wekiva Parkway" video   Maryland - "Md. scales back expectations for magnitude of toll increases"   Virginia - "How HOT lanes network will work" comments.

    south The new toll rates announced
  • Eyewitness News - "What the N1 highway is going to cost motorists in tolls".
    The toll of 66 SA cents a kilometre is about ten pence or 14 US cents a mile. The total length of the N1 is 1,200 miles, so if this is eventually all tolled, it could be an expensive journey!

    canada Call for a stop to 407 Toll rises
  • York Region - "Di Biase calls for moratorium".
    Best laugh from this story come from the trolls - "Toll money has gone to invest in technology that helps ensure billing is accurate as well as energy-saving light systems on the roads, where licence pictures are taken.".

    london The phantom debt again
  • BBC - "London embassies 'owe £50m in congestion charge fines'"   Evening Standard - "Embassies owe £50m C-charge fines as US tops list of those 'insulting every Londoner'".
    The embassies don't pay because they say that the Con is a tax. If TfL really believe that it isn't then why don't they go to court?

    london RAC Foundation support for a bigger Con in London
  • Guardian - "After the WEZ: congestion and resignation".

    finland Minister does not like Con
  • Helsinki Times - "Finnish transport minister flatly rejects congestion charge".

    greece Ministers have different views on toll protest
  • ANA - "No-pay movement"   Ekathimerini - "Minister says he understands 'Won't pay' protest".

    canada Tolls pushing in New Brunswick
  • CBC - "Higgs open to N.B. toll highways" comments.

    britain" Liverpool tolls increase is passed
  • Liverpool Echo - "Politicians call decision to increase tunnel tolls from April “a hammer blow to Wirral”"   Click Liverpool - "Mersey Tunnel tolls up 10p from April"   Wirral Globe - "Tunnel toll rise is a 'hammer blow' for Wirral says council leader"   Wirral News - "Mersey Tunnel tolls to rise by 10p from April".

    britain" More on opposition to a new crossing
  • BBC - "Concerns over River Thames crossing between Kent and Essex"   Dartford Shopper (27 Jan) - "Gravesham and Thurrock council's leaders fight proposals for Thames crossing".

    earth AGW
  • More hot air - BBC - "Amazon drought 'severe' in 2010, raising warming fears"   Telegraph - "Amazon rainforest 'could start contributing to global warming after droughts'"   Independent - "Catastrophic drought in the Amazon"   Guardian - "Mass tree deaths prompt fears of Amazon 'climate tipping point'".
    How many people will be fooled into believing that floods in Australia, snowstorms in the US, and drought on the Amazon are all caused by an almost undetectable change in temperature?
    And if the news media told their readers that the population of Brazil had quadrupled since 1950 (53 million to 203 million), might they wonder how much of the forest has been cut down because of that?

    Thursday 3 February 2011

    britain" Cheeky
  • BBC - "Humber Bridge: private bid to buy debt off government"   Scunthorpe Telegraph - "Radical plans unveiled to buy the Humber Bridge and slash tolls"   Scunthorpe Telegraph - "How proposal to buy the Humber Bridge came about"   Yorkshire Post - "Businessman unveils £100m scheme to lighten Humber Bridge debts millstone"   Hull Daily Mail - "Businessman's radical £100m plan to buy Humber Bridge and slash tolls".

    britain" More on proposed Liverpool tolls increase
  • BBC - "Mersey Tunnel toll rise 'bad for Merseyside'"   Liverpool Echo - "Proposed Mersey tunnels tolls increase branded ‘ludicrous’ by CBI"   Liverpool Daily Post - "Mersey Tunnel toll rise called ludicrous by Confederation of British Industry"   Liverpool Daily Post - "Time to make amends for tolls betrayal".

    greece More on Greek toll rebellion
  • Ekathimerini- "Campaign of resistance forces government to act".

    britain" Public transport advocates worried that there will be less buses
  • BBC - "'Save buses' campaign launched to fight council cuts".

    Wednesday 2 February 2011

    britain" Cyclists rule
  • On the 14th April there is to be a conference on - "Sustainable Transport Systems - Influencing Travel Behaviour". The "keynote address" will be from Norman Baker, a Transport Minister, and the subjects covered include toll systems. One of the main sponsors is the CTC - "the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation". According to their website they aim to change their status to be 100% charitable. If a group that championed motorists, such as the ABD, tried to do the same, they would stand no chance.

    usa USA Roundup
  • Wall Street Journal asks if drivers are willing to pay more - "American Idle: On the Road"   "Would You Pay to Reduce Your Commute?" comments.

  • AOL - "Electronic Toll on Golden Gate Bridge Can Cost Tourists Hundreds"

  • Sundry stories - "DRPA defends spending $1.7M on lobbying firms"   W Virginia - "The state should finish U.S. 35 without tolls"   W Virginia - "Lawmakers trying to ensure end of tolls on turnpike"   "Bill proposes changes to who controls Maine Turnpike"   Washington State - "Tolling on I-405? Idea returns in Olympia"   Virginia - "Portriots Crossing: Now do you like it?".

    britain" Lorry toll scheme to hit the road again
  • Telegraph - "Lorry drivers face £9-a-day UK road charge"   Daily Mail - "Foreign lorry drivers face road charges of £9 a day under radical new plans" comments.
    Most people would welcome a scheme that ensured foreign lorries paid a fair charge for using Britain's roads. The simplest would be a way of making sure that they bought their fuel here rather than arriving with full fuel tanks and leaving with empty ones. But that and any other scheme would be subject to EU rules. Extra toll charges to British operators could probably be offset by reduced VED on British lorries without breaking the rules, but that means that the net take from the scheme might be less than nothing. It would be simpler just to cut the VED as it is exorbitant even without tolls, or even better we could leave the EU!
    There is also a real danger that if a toll scheme for all lorries is introduced, it won't be long before the Government widens it to cover cars.

    britain" Bit more on proposed Liverpool tolls increase
  • Liverpool Echo - "We must not deter visitors"   Liverpool Daily Post - "Mersey Tunnel toll rise vote too close to call".

    china Update on the life sentence case
  • Epoch Times - "State Robbery in China Is Reaching a Dead End".

    finland Blowing hot again
  • Yesterday we reported that the Helsinki Con proposal had data protection problems, but the trolls are still pushing - Helsinki Times - "Report paves way for Helsinki region congestion charge".

    malaysia Bit more on Malaysian tolls
  • The Star - "Highway toll rates unlikely to go up".

    m6toll M6 Toll increase
  • M6 tolls are to go up from 1st March by about 6 per cent - cars and motorbikes by 30 pence and other categories by 60 pence - M6Toll company - "M6toll Announces New Toll Schedule" 28 Jan   Express & Star - "Hauliers hit out over new rise on M6 Toll" 29 Jan.
    As we say with each toll increase, the drivers who use the toll have a low price elasticity so toll rises don't reduce traffic by much, and thus the toll rises will reduce the massive losses, though it is not likely that the road will ever make a profit.

    earth AGW
  • Weather Action - "Comments from Piers" 21 Jan   You Tube - "Piers Corbyns report on December & Januarys weather" 29 Jan.
    So far the January and February weather in Britain and Europe has not been as cold as Piers Corbyn predicted due to a "mistake", but the weather in USA and Oz seems to be as he predicted.

    Tuesday 1 February 2011

    britain" Sending you down the wrong road
  • DfT - "New powers to help councils redraw the map".
    The risk with this is that local authorities will make changes which direct all traffic onto the same routes and thus causes more congesion.

    usa USA Roundup
  • LA Times - "Recession slows use of Orange County's toll roads".
    The picture of the almost empty toll lanes illustrates that traffic lanes rserved for any particular type of traffic are a waste of space. It also illustrates how weak drivers are, as they don't do anything to get rid of this stupidity.

  • Sundry stories - Wyoming - "I-80 tolls run over"   Florida - "$1.8B price tag could block Wekiva Parkway project"   Maine - "Lavish Turnpike spending is taking toll -- on my patience"   W Virginia - "Face the reality of tolls on U.S. 35"   New Jersey / NY - "For sale: naming rights for Goethals Bridge"   California - "Officials push for higher tolls during rush hours on San Mateo, Dumbarton bridges".

    britain" Hauliers complain
  • Handy Shipping Guide - "Haulage Contractors Say Freight Blighted By Tunnel And Bridge Increases".

    britain" More on proposed Liverpool tolls increase
  • Liverpool Wirral Globe - "Wirral Council leader blasts Mersey Tunnel toll rise as 'knee-jerk'"   Wirral Globe - "Wirral Euro MP calls for tunnel tolls to be scrapped".
    Liverpool Echo - "10p Mersey tunnel toll price hike planned"   Liverpool Daily Post editorial - "Tunnels rise takes toll on motorists"   Click Liverpool - "Mersey Tunnel tolls hike "would damage Liverpool region" - say campaingers".

    switzerland Annual Swiss "tolls" due
  • Geneva Lunch - "Mandatory annual highway pass due today 1 February".
    The charge of 40 Swiss francs (42 US dollars or 26 GB pounds) seems hardly worth collecting, and is just a dodge to get money from the significant number of foreign drivers.

    finland Technical hitch
  • There were reports two weeks ago that the Helsinki Con proposal had been ressurected, but there are now data protection problems - Helsinki Times - "Finnish ombudsman rejects satellite-based congestion charge -Papers".
    The story says that the data protection ombudsman thinks that there will be ways of implementing a con scheme without knowing "where and when people used their cars". About the only way that we know of approximating the effect of a con charge without knowing this, would be fuel taxes.

    south More on the impending tolls
  • Sowetan Live - "Motorists bite the bullet as road tolls loom" comments.

    malaysia Bit more on suggestion that some Malaysian tolls would go
  • The Star - "No tears from no toll hike".

    australia Decision due on bust tunnel
  • Sydney Morning Herald - "Clem7 operators have two weeks until D-day".

    singapore Extra tolls
  • Straits Times - "Three new ERP gantries from Feb 21".

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