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Wednesday 31 March 2010

usa USA Roundup
  • If the price is high then it must be quality - Miami Herald - "High tolls lure drivers to I-95's pay lanes".

  • Sundry stories - Washington State - "Law gives drivers extra time to pay for missed tolls"   New Jersey - "Your comments: N.J. toll collectors to get customer service training"   Pennsylvania - "Grange against Interstate 80 tolls"   Washington State- "Governor signs bill that paves way for new 520 bridge" video   New Jersey - "$3 toll set for new Expressway interchange".

    dominica Another toll holiday
  • Dominican Today - "Tolls lifted; heavy trucks banned from Dominican roads for Easter break".

    phillipines VAT being added to Phillipines tolls may be illegal
  • Inquirer - "E-VAT on highway toll fees illegal -- Binay".

    canada Ontario police collaborate with 407 ETR owners
  • The earlier version of this story seemed to be pulled, but this has now appeared - The Star - "Long arm of law reaches out to check 407 transponders".

    earth More AGW
  • Reaction from James Delingpole in the Telegraph to this morning's report from MPS - "'Lying, cheating, defrauding taxpayer are all OK' announces panel of MPs".

  • Those who are sceptical about AGW should perhaps check on their life insurance. This is what Denis MacShane, a Labour MP, said to the Prime Minister in a debate this Monday, which was supposed to be about the European Council - "Surely it does make sense to distance ourselves from politicians who support the Waffen SS, who are climate change deniers or who have odd views on what happened to the Jews in world war two" Not only did the Prime Minister appear to think that there was nothing odd about this remark, neither did any of the Tory MPs.

    The PM had been asked a question with a similar remark by Martin Linton, Labour, on 23 June last year - "the fruitcake fringe of climate change deniers, Obama-haters and commemorators of the Waffen SS?" The PM seemed to agree, and the Tories kept quiet.
    Harriet Harman at PM's questions on 16th December last year had told William Hague (who was standing in for David Cameron) that "he should deal with Conservative Members who are climate change deniers" So perhaps the Tory MPs have been told to shut up!

    Jamie Reed, another Labour MP in a Commons debate of 7 December 2009 on the Energy Bill said that "when they look at Britain's putative alternative Government they see that they increasingly consist of climate change deniers". That remark went by without any comment but later on he said that "The Leader of the Opposition currently resembles the Quisling of the climate change deniers". The Deputy Speaker was apparently happy with the phrase "climate change deniers" but actually had the nerve to say that he was "not happy" with the use of "Quisling". According to Hansard the response of MPS was laughter.

    Harriet Harman in the House Business debate on 29 October 2009 was asked a question by our friend Denis MacShane who wanted the "Opposition's shameful alliance exposed to the whole world", the alliance was with those "who whitewashes the massacre of Jews in world war two" The response from Harriet Harman was - "My right hon. Friend is right-no one in this country, particularly the Opposition, should consort with holocaust deniers, climate change deniers and homophobes. That is not the way that Britain wants to go."

    Mr Slaughter, Labour on 5 November 2009 said that "the Conservatives’ closest ally in Europe is Václav Klaus, who is a notorious—possibly one of the world’s leading—climate change deniers." (Václav Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic who did not want to sign the Lisbon Treaty.) Others to use use the phrase "climate deniers" include Karen Buck,Labour and Tony Lloyd, Labour, both on 5 November 2009, and Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) on 5 and 24 November 2009, Baroness Sharp of Guildford (Lib Dem) on 24 November 2009, and Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Lib Dem) on 19 November 2009. Martin Salter, Labour, on 14 May 2008, suggested that John Redwood might be one, even though he had denied it!

    australia Prospect of another bust toll
  • Sydney Morning Herald - "RiverCity investors face wipeout".

    australia More diversions
  • Logan West Leader (Queensland) - "Logan motorway toll rises sparks alarm for Johnson Rd users".

    nigeria New Nigerian toll near
  • Punch - "Motorists soon to pay tolls on Lekki-Epe Expressway".

    britain" Scrapped
  • BBC - "Scrappage scheme comes to an end".

    earth AGW
  • MPs say that AGW figures are correct - BBC - "Climate science must be more open, say MPs"   Independent - "Climate change scandal: MPs exonerate professor"   Parliament - Science & Technology Cttee - "The disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia" pdf.
    One part of the report that the BBC emphasised on its news reports was - "There are two groups in America that we [CRU] compare with and there are also two additional groups, one in Russia and one in Japan, that also produce similar records to ourselves and they all show pretty much the same sort of course of instrumental temperature change since the nineteenth century compared to today." This seems to be misleading as the two US bodies seem to work hand in glove with Britain and are also dominated by AGW advocates. As for the claim about the Russians, do they agree? Based on this paper from 15 December 2009 from Russia's Institute of Economic Analysis, they do not - "How is warming - the case of Russia" (this is a Google translation). The paper incidentally gives an explanation of how Hadley produce their "global" figures.

  • Bit more about the bribing of deniers - Greenpeace - "Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine".
    It seems that about $44 million was for bribing of politicians and the other $25 million has gone to "Opposition Groups" that few people outside the US will have ever heard of. Will Greenpeace also do an expose of the billions of dollars that are being pumped into the AGW scam, and name the people and firms that benefit?

  • Another story about weather women and men v. climate scientists - NY Times - "Among Weathercasters, Doubt on Warming".
    Though with the amount of money being pumped into AGW and threats to the jobs of those who are too dumb to accept AGW, it is likely that the number of forecasters who admit that they have doubts will diminish.

    britain" PM to urge for continuing population growth
  • BBC - "Brown to focus on 'fair' immigration system in speech".
    Britain is already more densely populated than 80% of countries. The British population at the end of the Second World War was 47 million, it is now 62 million. It is likely that all of the growth is due to net migration and because immigrants have on average more children than emigrants would have had, due to differences in fertility (age and use of birth control).

    Tuesday 30 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Killed because they didn't take the toll road - Daily Orange (NY) - "No tickets issued in fatal November accident".

  • Comment on the bankrupt toll road - Washington Times - "EDITORIAL: The trouble with tolls - Toll-road financial collapse is a failure of government, not capitalism".

  • LaHood confirms his support for tolls - Daily Herald (Illinois) - "No going back on CN's purchase of EJ&E, LaHood says".
    It will be interesting to see if the President lets his Tranportation Secretary agree to the tolling of the Interstate in Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - "Rendell expects feedback soon on I-80 toll decision"   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Gov. Rendell expects I-80 news within two weeks".

  • Greater Greater Washington - "Regional congestion relief for the cost of a latte".
    Trolls have two things in common - they buy expensive cups of coffee, and they swallow the tale that the London Con charge removed congestion.

  • Sundry stories - Alabama - "Homewood council votes to oppose state's U.S. 280 plan"   New York - "An Education Basic"   Texas - "Toll road study axed but alternatives still on the table".

    canada Toronto Star continues its tolls touting
  • "Tolls can fix gridlock"   "When it comes to transit, province has a blind spot"   "Transit woes demand tough love".

    croatia Congestion charge is "good news"
  • Croatian Villas - "Zagreb congestion charge could improve tourist experience".

    phillipines Bit more on VAT being added to Phillipines tolls
  • Business World - "Tax bureau asked to defer imposition of toll fee VAT".

    costarica Toll holiday
  • Inside Costa Rica - "Free Tolls The Entire Week".

    britain" "No" to parking tax
  • BBC - "Drivers 'oppose work parking levy' in Nottingham".

    earth AGW
  • Deniers are bribed - AFP - "Koch Industries funds climate change deniers: Greenpeace".

  • Statesman (Texas) - "TV forecasters surprise skeptics on climate change - New UT study shows many think global warming is bunk".

  • The "Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty" is told by the "humble" members of the "Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution", all about - "Adapting Institutions to Climate Change".

  • Though the serfs will be too stupid to understand the message - Guardian - "James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change".

  • The AGW disciples have joined forces with those who want to put us on Central European Time in an effort into fooling us into getting up earlier - Guardian - "Lighter Later – the climate change campaign to move Britain forward an hour".

  • The WWF about the "success" of their latest attempt to close the planet down - "WWF’s Earth Hour a blazing success".

  • More climate change fun - Sindh Today - "Climate change may have rang the death knell for Angkor’s Khmer civilization".

    britain" House price spin
  • BBC - "House price rises slow slightly, Nationwide says". Despite the headline, the annual rate of inflation is still 9%. The more accurate figures from the Land Registry published on the 26th show a slightly lower figure of 7% - "Land Registry House Price Index - February 2010" pdf.

    Monday 29 March 2010

    britain" More on Dartford sale protest
  • News Shopper - "5,000 motorists honk horn to protest Crossing sale"   Thurrock Gazette - "Prospective MP hits out at plans to sell Dartford Crossing".

    usa canada Win for Trolls
  • The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission has succeeded in avoiding Freedom of Information laws - Niagara Gazette - "COPS NOTEBOOK: What did you say?"   Buffalo News - "Ruling on FOIA issued in bid for severance information"   Leagle - copy of decision.

    earth More AGW
  • Gulf stream - BBC - "Gulf Stream 'is not slowing down'".
    Odd that the establishment should allow publication of a story which partly debunks one of the AGW myths - Guardian 29 November 2009 - "Climate change: Gulf stream collapse could be like a disaster movie - Scientists predict an ice age could be provoked in a matter of months". Though in any case, even without a warm current, the sea would tend to be warmer than the land in winter and therefore still have a warming effect on coastal areas to the leeward.

    usa USA Roundup
  • If Only!!   DNA Info (NY) - "Tolls on Verrazano Bridge Could Be Removed Under Plan to Ease Downtown Traffic".

  • Looking into the tea leaves - Patriot News (Pa.) - "Tolling I-80 could bring costly future".
    Meanwhile there is the usual stuff from the trolls - Times Leader - "Northeast Extension funds other roads and I-80 tolling could equitably do the same".

  • Sundry stories - Pennsylvania - "Still waiting on big wins from SEPTA lobbying"   Connecticut - "Electronic highway tolls FOR: It's time for out-of-staters to 'pony up'"   Connecticut - "Privatizing I-95 Corridor Could Be Boon To State"   California - "Calif. toll operator files Chap. 11".

    canada Latest on political games with New Brunswick's toll bridge
  • CBC - "Bridge motion puts N.B. Tories in a bind".

    phillipines VAT being added to Phillipines tolls
  • Manila Standard - "VAT to be slapped on tolls in April".

    earth AGW
  • Climate Change chief gets no loot - FT - "Climate chief cleared over payments".
    Given the many financial disasters over recent years it is amazing that anyone would trust any firm of accountants. If all the loot is going to TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute), it would be interesting if there was a really independent investigation of that body and its links to other organisations and people involved in the tangled web of the AGW industry.

  • Xinhuanet - "Drought in southwestern China caused by climate change: experts".
    The story says that in Yunnan since September "the rainfall .. is the lowest in about 50 years while the average temperature since the beginning of winter is the highest". What the story does not say is that despite its major efforts to control population, there are today over twice as many people in China than there were in 1960.

  • Dr Henry who has recently been doing his best to push congestion tolls in Oz is now doing his bit for AGW - The Australian - "Treasury boss Ken Henry's plea on climate".

    Saturday 27 March 2010

    australia MIG restructure
  • Australian troll, MIG, was restructured at the beginning of February. The two profitable bits have been left in MIG but with the company renamed as "Intoll" and the company code has been changed from "MIG" to "ITO". The profitable bits are the 30% stake in Canada's 407ETR (53% owned by Cintra and 17% by Lavalin), and the 25% stake in the Westlink M7, one of Sydney's outer motorways (50% is owned by Transurban and 25% by QIC).

    The relatively dud bits (possibly due to low traffic growth or the Company overpaying for the asset) have been hived off into Macquarie Atlas Roads (company code "MQA"), which in turn has been structured into two companies:-
    MQA Australia has the Chicago Skyway (22.5%), Indiana Toll Road (25%) and "Transtoll" (which supplies tolling services) 100%.
    MQA Bermuda has the South Bay Expressway, California (50%), Warnow Tunnel, Germany (70%), Dulles Greenway, near DC (50%), APRR or Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhone (20.4%) and the M6Toll (100%). The South Bay Expressway recently filed for bankruptcy (see story on Thursday).

    Some of the non MIG shares of the roads are owned by part of the Macquarie Group separate from what was in MIG. The parent group is sometimes called "the millionaire factory" as whatever the assets are doing, they seem to be able to make a profit.

    south More South African tolls
  • Weekend Post - "For whom the new road tolls".

    canada usa More on international toll tussle
  • Windsor Star - "Bridge legal challenge called an act of desperation - Claim to border tolls called shaky".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Trolls try to kill bill on openness - Oklahoman - "Bill targeted by Oklahoma agencies, official says".

  • Unofficial toll theft - ABC (Penn.) - "Turnpike Inspector Looks to Clean Up".

  • Sundry stories - North Carolina - "Road improvements could mean tolling I-95"   New York - "MTA Crisis: Time for Tolls On East River Bridges".

    vietnam Some reaction to possible congestion tolls
  • Vietnam News - "There's no simple answer to Ha Noi traffic problem" letters.

    costarica Down
  • Inside Costa Rica - "San José - Caldera Tolls To Go Down".

    earth More AGW
  • This week the UN / World Meteorogical Organisation issued a paper (WMO statement on the status of the global climate in 2009) officially branding the last decade as the warmest on record. The paper is not yet freely available but here is the press release which went largely unreported - UN News Centre - "The past decade was the warmest on record, UN weather agency says".

  • The remnant of the old rulers backing the new order - FT - "Europe’s royals as climate activists".

    Friday 26 March 2010

    earth More AGW
  • Europe's politicians increase backing for crusade against CO2 - Euro Alert - "European leaders focus on climate change in their meeting in Brussels"   EU Observer - "EU leaders look outside UN process to push forward climate talks".

  • Court stops airport expansion as it is against Climate Change law - BBC - "Heathrow third runway opponents win court challenge"   Sky - "Climate Protesters Win Third Runway Battle"   WWF - "Heathrow decision gives Climate Act wings".

    greece Greek tolls protest
  • Kathimerini - "Protesters see red over highway tolls".

    usa USA Roundup
  • A Day in the Life of ....   Concord Monitor - "Taking a toll".

  • Illinois Governor's selection for plum job - Chicago Tribune - "Quinn aide named to top post at tollway"   Chicago Sun Times - "Lafleur picked to become Illinois Tollway executive director".

  • Sundry stories - Pennsylvania - "Let them pay their own way" letter   Pennsylvania - "I-80 tolling decision could be months away"   New York - "Espada Talks East River Tolls, Budget"   Illinois - "Tollway gets Elgin O'Hare sales pitch".

    chimaera No one has told David that TIF is dead
  • Bristol Evening Post - "David Cameron turns his attack on Bristol's education record".

    britain" Dartford sale protest
  • News Shopper - "Motorists to honk horns in Dartford Crossing sale protest today".

    australia Queensland Government denies Con plans
  • Australasian Bus & Coach - "No road user charges or levies, Qld pledges".

    london One view on the London Con
  • Jyskebank (Danish bank)- "Monstrous traffic jams: something went wrong" video.

    earth AGW
  • The Spoof - "New Study Suggests News Climate Is Warming".

  • James Delingpole in the Telegraph - "Climategate: the parliamentary cover-up".

  • Not so United - National Public Radio - "How Republicans Learned To Reject Climate Change".

  • Government say that British CO2 is falling - Department of Energy & Climate Change - "UK Climate Change Sustainable Development Indicator: 2009 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Provisional Figures And 2008 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Final Figures" pdf.

  • Producer talks tough about deniers - Hollywood Reporter - "James Cameron trashes Glenn Beck".

  • More Climate fun - ABC (Oz) - "Scientists examine climate change lobster link".

    Thursday 25 March 2010

    britain" More tolls wasted
  • Bristol Evening Post - "£1m facelift for Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge".
    The Trust that controls the bridge seem to think that is alright for them to force drivers to pay tolls, which are not used for maintenance of the highway, but for a series of inessential projects.

    britain" Tamar tolls protest
  • Plymouth Herald - "1,300 join Facebook group over Tamar tolls".
    The number of people who join groups such as this is a small sign of the general loathing for tolls. But will anybody do anything more than sign up?

    usa USA Roundup
  • Californian sub of Australian troll bombs - Land Line Mag - "Toll road builder files for Chapter 11"   San Diego News - "Toll road operator files for Chapter 11 - South Bay Expressway use below forecasts".

  • Sundry stories - Texas - "NTTA will keep big fines and I wonder: What am I missing?"   Texas - "North Texas Tollway Authority votes to keep toll fines"   Pennsylvania - "Let the bell toll for I-80 tolls"   Virginia - "New plan for Dominion Blvd. tolls submitted".

    london When will Western con go?
  • Guardian - "Boris Johnson: when will the congestion charge zone's western extension go?".
    Dave Hill suggests that Boris will not want the charge to go in December because it will cause chaos on the roads. But at that time, the pavements are probably more congested than the roads will ever be!

    canada usa britain" International toll tussle
  • Courthouse News - "Troubled Bridge Over Canadian Water".

    britain" What the parties say
  • From Transport Extra - "Where Labour stand on key transport issues..."   "Where the Liberal Democrats stand on key transport issues..."   "Where the Tories stand on key transport issues...".
    The real situation is that with all three parties we are likely to see a lot more tolls and attempts to sell off the motorways and other key roads.

    canada Transit boss suggests extra gas tax rather than tolls
  • The Gazette (Montreal) - "STM chief urges hike in gas tax - Would fund expansion of public transit".

    earth AGW
  • Bit on one part of the Budget - Telegraph - "Budget 2010: in the carbon religion's worst week Alistair Darling throws £1bn at the Bank of Superstition".

  • BBC - "More needed in climate change fight, MPs say"   Parliament - Environmental Audit Committee - "Adapting to Climate Change" pdf.
    Amazingly the MPS don't have another bash at drivers, perhaps they are saving that till after the election.

  • Indian suggestion that the AGW administration should be more transparent - The Hindu - "India suggests RTI for climate change bodies".

    Wednesday 24 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Bid to end a toll in Georgia - CBS - "Tough Questions: Lawmaker Files Bill To End 400 Toll" video   AJC - "Austin Scott: Lift the toll on Ga. 400" lots of comments.

  • Sundry stories - Washington State - "Citizens, lawmakers keep tolls from rising"   Indiana / Kentucky - "Groups opposing tolls on Louisville's Ohio River bridges are starting to form"   Pennsylvania - "Rendell visits D.C. to push for I-80 tolls"   Pennsylvania - "Officials Oppose Tolling I-80"   Pennsylvania - "Truckers Talk I-80 Tolls".

    britain" Traditional Budget
  • BBC - "Budget 2010: Darling stamp duty switch in pre-poll move"   BBC - "Budget 2010: Budget documents".
    The Budget was traditional in that it was full of give aways, and was a sleight of hand with all the nasty bits not mentioned. What is different between Alistair and Gordon is that Alistair seems to really believe that giving away money that he has not got, and subsidising green spivs is good for a country that seems to be in a irreversible decline.

    PS In his speech the Chancellor confirmed that he was selling off the Dartford tolls, the Student Loan book and the Tote. He said that "The proceeds from these sales will make a significant contribution to reducing debt."

    europe More on Belgians to push for higher tolls in Europe
  • HGVUK - "Eurovignette back on agenda".

    britain" Bit more on issue kicked into hyper-space
  • Hull Daily Mail - "Bridge toll study is a step forward".

    earth More AGW
  • "Non" - BBC - "French government backs down on carbon tax plan".

  • Not us Gov - BBC - "UN body to look at meat and climate link". In the real world, we are likely to face hunger due to overpopulation. That famine will be worse if the Earth's climate is really getting colder and / or CO2 reduces (as it increases plant growth). Meat is likely to become a luxury that can only be afforded by the untouchable crooks that prey on the rest of the population.

  • From James Delingpole in the Telegraph - "The Economist: not a serious journal".

  • Ushanka time - Daily Mail - "Russian weatherman strikes blow for climate change lobby by announcing winter in Siberia may be coldest on record".

  • Another example of how daft the UK establishment thinks that people are - It times this announcement immediately after a winter that has killed off many perennial plants - Telegraph - "Bananas grow in National Trust garden of the future".

    Tuesday 23 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - South Carolina - "Senator wants to know how Southern Connector bond proceeds were spent"   Florida - "Cash tolls on Miami-Dade expressways will soon be electronic"   New Jersey - "Atlantic City Expressway toll is subject of hearing"   Pennsylvania - "Federal government remains undecided on tolling Interstate 80"   NY - "Espada Holds Town Hall Meeting, Says He Supports East River Tolls" video.

    britain" FTA complain
  • FTA - "What about the Severn crossing, demands FTA". The FTA have done almost nothing to get rid of tolls, if they now think they should go, then they need to shout a lot louder.

    britain" Everyone complains
  • Canterbury News - "'Make foreign lorry drivers pay for using m-ways'". If Britain has the bottle to do something, then it should be to stop the practice of lorries coming to Britain with tanks full of cheap fuel.

    ghana Dear President,
  • Joy Online - "Note: Letter to the President on road tolls".

    earth Different story, same aim
  • Telegraph - "Oil reserves 'exaggerated by one third'".
    The people and firms that are warning that oil will soon run out are the same ones that preach "climate change". Presumably if the oil runs out, so will one of the sources of the CO2 that they say they are worried about. Is their aim to make even more money for themselves or to take us all back to the Dark Ages?

    Monday 22 March 2010

    britain" Issue kicked into hyper-space
  • The story this morning was - Scunthorpe Telegraph - "Minister cancels Humber Bridge visit". Now it is - Scunthorpe Telegraph - "New report will help Government decide on tolls", well after the election that is.

    canada Bit on new Toronto troll
  • Now Toronto - "Sarah Thomson, Smitherman's thorn".

    earth More AGW
  • BBC - "Chair announced for 'Climategate' science probe"   Guardian - "Lord Oxburgh to head new UEA inquiry".
    This appointment shows the arrogance of the UK establishment. The "conclusions" that this hand picked committee will reach are obvious, but do the establishment have to rub it in by appointing as chairman a Lord who is, or reecently was, involved with firms that benefit from the new religion such as Climate Change Capital, Carbon Capture and Storage Association, Deutsche Bank (Climate Change Board), and Falck Renewables.
    PS Comment from James Delingpole in the Telegraph - "Climategate: the whitewash continues".

    britain" usa British Government selling the idea of private finance, including toll raods
  • Heral Bulletin - "Austin to help lead Washington transportation summit - Meeting between U.S., U.K. to explore public-private partnerships ".

    usa USA Roundup
  • New New York troll - NY Post - "Bloomberg waits for Albany to make move on bridge tolls"   NY Times - "Espada Now Favors Tolls on East River Bridges"   NY1 - "Espada Expresses Support For East River Bridge Tolls" video.

  • Sundry stories - Massachusetts / New Hampshire - "Mr. Reversal: Lynch’s tolls, taxes & spending"   Wyoming - "No tolls on I-80 could mean more gas tax"   Connecticut - "Transit advocates urge new approach"   Pennsylvania - "Editorial: Roadside assistance" comments   Maine - "Taking a toll on home owners: Residents fight Maine Turnpike plan".

    china Toll queues likley to lengthen due to security checks
  • East Day - "Fast-track warning from police".

    britain" Bridge gone
  • Henley Standard - "Transport scheme scrapped". As the proposal was to either toll the bridge or to ban cars from using it, this is no great loss.

    canada Government may have to take over private finance bridge
  • Winnipeg Free Press - "NWT legislature considers taking over $180-million bridge project".

    britain" Foul air
  • Daily Mail - "Air pollution in the UK 'killing 50,000 people a year', warn MPs"   BBC - "Call to tackle pollution 'role in 50,000 early deaths'"   Environmental Audit Committee - "Air Quality" pdf..
    The illustrations to the stories make it clear that cars are getting the blame for air pollution. This idea will suit the trolls in Parliament, but it is not true - Our "Air Quality" page.

    earth AGW
  • Telegraph - "WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees"   Anorak - "WWF Mines The Green Gold Rush To The Amazon: Making $60 billion From Fear".
    Most people probably think of the WWF as the cuddly panda organisation. The organisation spends nearly fifty million pounds a year and has Princess Alexandra as its President. Two of its four main objectives are "Tackling climate change" and "Changing the way we live". It gives its support to tolls and congestion charging.

  • The UK establishment, including the head of the Bank of Inflation, are getting together to convince us to ignore the doubts and believe in AGW - Royal Society - "Handling uncertainty in science".

  • More climate fun - Asia One - "Flowers losing scent due to climate change".
    In Britain, many temperate plants will not have any scent as the whole plant will have been killed by the harsh winter.

    Saturday 20 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • End to Massachusetts / New Hampshire border tolls plan?   Eagle Tribune - "No toll for I-93 in Salem - DOT won't apply for last spot in federal pilot program"   Nashua Telegraph - "Tolls nixed to pay for I-93 widening"   WMUR - "NH Nixes Idea Of Tolls In Salem" video   Union Leader - "NH abandons toll booth plan for I-93 in Salem" comments.

  • Sundry stories - North Texas - "The Road to North Texas' Future Is Paved With Tolls"   Connecticut - "Toll proposal inches forward despite local disapproval"   West Virginia - "W.Va. DOH says residents not opposed to road taxes".

    britain" Just visiting
  • Scunthorpe Telegraph - "Transport Minister visit to give bridge toll update".

    britain" Two recent ABD press releases
  • 18 March - "High Speed Rail Plan is Transport Hypocrisy".
  • 15 March - "ABD Comment on ASA CO2 Adverts Adjudication".

    Friday 19 March 2010

    earth Bit more AGW
  • Joanne Nova - "The mystery deepens: Where did that decline go?".

    usa USA Roundup
  • NY's tricky cyclists arguing that they want to screw the drivers for their own good - Streetsblog - "In Any Language, the Cost of Congestion Comes Through Loud and Clear".

  • Sundry stories - Connecticut - "Majority oppose return of toll roads"   North Carolina - "Local Tolls an Option to Pay for New Roads" video   North Carolina - "Could Toll Roads Be In The Triad's Future?" video   Georgia - "I-85 and Ga. 400 toll systems may not be compatible".

    britain" Tamar toll increase kicked in today
  • BBC - "Cornwall and Devon river crossing toll rise enforced".

    australia Speech from King of the Trolls
  • - "Address by Dr Ken Henry to the Conference on the Economics of Infrastructure". It seems that the Doctor may be selling congestion tolls in Oz because he has swallowed the myths about the "success" of the London Con.

    canada Bit more on latest Toronto toll touting
  • CityTV - "Would-Be Mayor Wants Road Tolls To Fund Subway Expansion" video & lot of comments   Toronto Sun - "Sarah Thomson grabs road tolls by the horns: Editorial" comments.

    earth AGW
  • The latest AGW argument in the Economist is that it is best to burn incense on the altar of Agnostos Theos - "The clouds of unknowing - There are lots of uncertainties in climate science. But that does not mean it is fundamentally wrong"   "Spin, science and climate change - Action on climate is justified, not because the science is certain, but precisely because it is not".

    Thursday 18 March 2010

    netherlands More doubt over Dutch plan
  • Dutch News - "CDA buries kilometer tax, for now at least".
    Perhaps the Dutch will eventually realise that fuel taxes are even better than a kilometre tax and might even get round to increasing their very low diesel prices.

    usa USA Roundup
  • More toll pushing by Connecticut papers - Wilton Bulletin - "Editorial: For whom the road tolls"   Norwich Bulletin - "Our view: Tolls could pay for key projects".

  • Sundry stories - New Jersey - "NJ Transportation chief wants turnpike to turn bigger profits"   Connecticut - "Poll respondents: Give us liquor, hold the Keno; Tolls opposed 56 to 40 percent"   Oregon / Washington State - "Crossing sponsors set closed-door meeting"   Connecticut - "Lynch doesn't back border toll - Governor doesn't back plan"   Oregon / Washington State - "Tolls Are Not An Answer" letter   Washington State - "Toll rates on Tacoma Narrows Bridge won't rise this year"   Washington State - "Transportation Commission: No toll increases this year".

    britain" Money pump faltering
  • BofE - "Provisional estimates of broad money (M4) and credit (M4 lending): February 2010".
    These figures follow the pattern of recent months and show that despite the bank's heliocopter money efforts, there is relatively little growth in money supply. The 4.4% year on year growth, though inflationary, is the lowest since this series was first reported by the Old Lady in July 1983.

    britain" Government debt less than expected, but still the worst ever
  • BBC - "Government borrowing less than forecast".

    britain" Tories and the Green "Transport Carbon Reduction fund"
  • Get Reading - "High hopes for transport bid".
    The fund is mentioned on the main Tory website - "Where we stand - Transport", though the idea seems to really come from some of the other well known allies of drivers - Better Transport - "A Carbon Reduction Fund: A Proposal For The Department For Transport’s Carbon Reduction Strategy" pdf.

    canada More Toronto toll touting
  • Globe & Mail - "Toll stand takes guts"   Globe & Mail - "Thomson says it's time for tolls"   Inside Toronto - "Thomson suggests road tolls to pay for subway expansion"   National Post - "Sarah Thomson wants $5 tolls to build subways" some comments.
    PS Later reports - CTV - "Thomson proposes a road toll for Gardiner, DVP" video   CityTV - "Sarah Thomson Proposes Road Tolls To Pay For Extended Subway Lines" comments   680 News - "Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson proposes road toll for Gardiner and DVP" some comments   Star - "Bold transit vision based on $5 road tolls".
  • Another story indicated one group that will not be likely to pay road tolls - the transit bosses - Toronto Sun - "TTC bosses bill for tolls, cabs and mileage".

    australia Brisbane toll increase
  • Brisbane Times - "Fears toll increase will force people out of work" comments   ABC News - "Toll hike a 'cash grab' to help sell Gateway"   Brisbane Times - "Gateway Motorway toll to jump" comments     Courier Mail - "Gateway motorists face bridge toll rise to sweeten Anna Bligh's privatisation deal" video.

    vietnam Bit more on proposed Ho Chi Minh City congestion tolls
  • Vietnam Net - "Toll on cars in downtown HCMC not workable".

    britain" They make politicians seem honest
  • BBC - "Second-hand car dealers shamed by OFT".

    Wednesday 17 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Alabama - "State puts brakes on U.S. 280 express lanes"   Pennsylvania - "It's in our best interests to oppose I-80 tolls" letter   Washington State - "I-405 tolling proposal stalls in Olympia"   "West Virginia poised to increase toll roads".

    earth More AGW
  • A stern rebuke - BBC - "Copenhagen climate summit undone by 'arrogance'".

  • The butterfly effect - ABC - "Climate change link to butterfly life cycle".

    britain" Latest minutes of the "Let's print a lotta money" committee
  • BofE - "Minutes Of The Monetary Policy Committee Meeting 3 And 4 March 2010" pdf.

    britain" Businesses say "No" to a York Con
  • The Press - "York’s small businesses fear impact of congestion fees".

    taiwan Tolls lifted for ancestors
  • China Post - "Tomb Sweeping Festival to feature freeway toll exemption".

    japan Tolls may go up rather than down
  • Mainichi Daily News - "Drivers face higher Tokyo Metropolitan, Hanshin expressway tolls under gov't plan".
    As the new Government had promised to scrap the tolls this story is a sign of the power of various vested interests. By coincidence, the Bank of Japan today announced that it was pumping 20 trillion yen (150 billion pounds or 220 billion dollars) into the economy as a "stimulus".

    britain" Bit more on Tamar tolls increase
  • DfT - The Inspector's report and the Minister's decision letter.

    britain" Unemployment down
  • BBC - "UK unemployment records further fall"   ONS - "Labour market statistics - March 2010".
    The bad news is that the employment rate and hours worked are still falling, which implies that people are removing themselves from the jobs market.

    earth AGW
  • BBC - "Climate change 'exaggerated' in government adverts"   Guardian - "Government to continue climate change ads despite criticism from watchdog"   ASA - "ASA Adjudication on Department of Energy and Climate Change". The establishment as usual have stage managed the media coverage to water down the effect. Though in any case the ASA judgement is largely a whitewash. We will have to see whether Ofcom produces a similar report.

  • Telegraph - "Climategate: two more bricks fall out of the IPCC wall of deceit – rainforests and polar bears".

  • If you really want to cut down on CO2, then sell the dog and buy a car - New Scientist (October 2009) - "How green is your pet?".

    Tuesday 16 March 2010

    newzealand Trolls at it again
  • NZ Herald - "Agency puts harbour bridge tolls into its mix".

    south Equity
  • Times Live - "Sanral claims open road tolls "equitable"" lot of comments.

    china Tolls racket doing well
  • China Daily - "Top 3 profitable businesses in 2009 revealed". Given this report, it is not surprising that a blind eye was turned towards the decision to remove tolls with effect from January 2009.

    vietnam Bit more on proposed Ho Chi Minh City congestion tolls
  • Vietnam Net - "Tolls proposed on cars using downtown streets".

    earth AGW
  • BBC - "still real and it's still a problem".
    This is the establishment closing ranks. Lord Smith is not a climate scientist, he is a politician who happens to be chairman of both the Environment Agency Board and the Advertising Standards Authority, the body who have recently ruled on the Governments "climate change" adverts, though so far they have not formally unveiled their judgement.

  • James Delingpole in the Telegraph - "Greens sacrifice babies to Satan, sell grandmothers into slavery, etc".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Pushing tolls in Connecticut - The Day - "Tolls the best solution" - A better solution to a border toll tax would be an increase in the Federal gas tax and the distribution of that to the states.
    For the moment most of the politicians are sitting on the fence - Stamford Advocate - "Committee approves highway tolls; eliminates border requirement"   Connecticut Mirror - "Lawmakers balk at electronic tolls, vote for study instead".

  • Sundry stories - Indiana / Kentucky - "Current scenarios would leave Clark bridge free from tolls"   Texas - "Anti-toll activists: Charging toll on U.S. 290 'like a triple tax'" video.

    taiwan Proposed new toll system for Taiwan
  • Focus Taiwan - "Commercial Times: A test for rooting out populism". It is amazing the effort that would be put into a "pay per mile" toll when a fuel tax has a similar effect with none of the costs or problems of electronic tolls.

    india More on Indian truckers demands
  • Express Buzz - "AIMTC threatens to close down operations".

    spain Bit more on No tolls plea
  • Guide 2 Valancia - "Valencia's motorway hit by crisis".

    britain" Bit more on Fat Cat Trolls at it again
  • Auto Blog - "Road tolls 'essential' to avoid gridlock"   Economist - "Bunged up - Road pricing makes good economic sense. But voters hate it".

    britain" Shhh! - Tamar tolls to increase on Friday
  • Plymouth Herald - "Tamar tolls will rise by 50 per cent"   BBC - "Tamar Bridge toll goes up to £1.50"   Western Morning News - "Tamar tolls to increase 50%".
    The timing of this latest rip-off of drivers is strange. The story broke yesterday and the increase is to take effect this Friday, but the DfT have still not published anything official. One possible explanation is that yesterday the Government announced job losses at a local Navy depot - news which has to a large extent buried this tolls story.

    britain" Fuel price escalator
  • BBC - "Petrol prices set for record high, says AA".

    Monday 15 March 2010

    britain" Whitchuch tolls non-meeting
  • Henley Standard - "Bridge firm refuses to meet councillors who fought toll rise".

    china usa New York cycling lobbyist tells China to have more tolls
  • NY Times - "Postcard from a Guangzhou Traffic Jam".

    earth More AGW
  • James Delingpole in the Telegraph - "Sir John Houghton: AGW is real because I've got a knighthood, I'm a scientist and I say so".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Alabama - "Flexible tolls considered for U.S. 280 lanes in metro Birmingham"   Colorado - "Plans still in play to extend U.S. 36 express lanes"   Pennsylvania - "anticipation builds for I-80 toll decision".

    vietnam Some opposition to proposed Ho Chi Minh City congestion tolls
  • Thanhnien Newst - "Toll on cars in downtown HCMC not workable".

    britain" Fat Cat Trolls at it again
  • Telegraph - "CBI calls for changes in commuting practices"   CBI - "Change Work Patterns To Avoid Gridlock On Britain’s Roads". Their recommendations include - "Road pricing should be considered for building new roads or extra lanes. Experience from overseas suggests the public will support a toll on a new road if it is the only way that road will be built, and that tolls used on new lanes on motorways and A roads can help prevent congestion building up again."

    britain" "Election manifesto for motorists"
  • Mike Rutherford in Telegraph.

    earth AGW
  • Tales from Down under - Sydney Morning Herald - "Climate change is real and it's here: report". As with other countries the published Australian temperature times series are based on "High-quality site data" where the climate scientists have deided what to include and what to either ignore or "correct". Whatever error this may cause, the most significant factor in this case is the base year of 1960. The "average" Australian temperature in that year appears to be over one degree centigrade lower than in either 1959 or 1961, so if "Australia's mean temperature has increased 0.7 degrees since 1960" it has actually declined compared with 1959 or 1961.
  • Telegraph - "Greenpeace chief: breaking law justifiable in fight against climate change"   BBC - "Kumi Naidoo on climate change denial 'deja vu'".
    The Greenpeace chief is from South Africa, a country which despite a low life expectancy has increased from a population of under 14 million in 1950 to a population of 50 million today.
  • There is nothing official from the Advertising Standards Authority, but last week the Guardian "leaked" that - "Climate change adverts draw mild rebuke from advertising watchdog" (the story includes a link to the ajudication). The "mild rebuke" included a ban on repeating the adverts and the referral of a television ad to Ofcom, for possibly breaking rules on political advertising.
    Saturday 13 March 2010

    britain" An odd protest
  • This is Local London - "Motorists asked to honk horn in Dartford Crossing sale protest".
    The protest is welcome, but it is odd that it comes from the Lib Dems who plan to sell off the motorways and main roads.

    usa USA Roundup
  • More on bid to reintroduce tolls to Connecticut - The Day - "Opinions mixed in public hearing on highway tolls in Connecticut"   Hartford Courant - "Connecticut Border-Tolls Bill Gets Mixed Reception At Hearing"   News-Times - "Marconi: Tolls preferable to aid cuts"   WFSB - "Debate Over Tolls In State Heats Up" video.

  • Sundry stories - Pennsylvania - "Proponents pressure Specter on I-80 tolls"   New Hampshire - "Lawmakers, others call on Lynch to stop toll plan"   New Hampshire - "Lynch asked to stop toll plan"   Oregon / Washington State - "Expect feds to give $400 million for new I-5 bridge, officials told"   Massachusetts / New Hampshire - "Possibility of I-93 tolls in New Hampshire" video   Oregon / Washington State - "Columbia crossing sponsors drive toward agreement"   Pennsylvania - "For Whom The Turnpike Tolls"  Pennsylvania - "Without I-80 Tolls, SEPTA To Hike Rates".

    Friday 12 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - New York - "Port Authority chief Christopher Ward says up tolls for transportation upkeep"   Washington State - "No I-405 tolls for HOV lanes; bill dies in Olympia"   Connecticut - "Border toll proposal calls for camera system"   Washington State - "New 520 bridge won't solve I-5 merge mess"   Alabama - "Hoover, Birmingham officials question U.S. 280 toll road financing"   Washington State - "Transportation Commission Talks Tolling and Long-Term Funding Needs".

    earth AGW
  • It seems that either the AGW camp has now gone completely bonkers or they think that the people are - BBC - "Climate change makes birds shrink in North America".
  • Telegraph - "Climategate: the IPCC's whitewash 'review' is the AGW camp's biggest mistake yet"   Hot Air - "American skepticism on AGW soars" inc link to Gallup poll. britain" One of Britain's main exports - "Do what thou wilt"
  • Times - "Ernst & Young faces legal action over Lehman collapse".

    Thursday 11 March 2010

    spain No tolls plea
  • Round Town News - "The bell tolls".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Pennsylvania - "Our opinion: Where would toll money go?"   Pennsylvania - "U.S. should allow I-80 tolls"   Connecticut - "Proposed toll bill may lack legislative, local support"   West Virginia - "Toll roads bill heads to House".

    britain" The train drain
  • BBC - "High-speed rail plans announced by government"   NDS - "Adonis sets out high speed rail proposals"   NDS - "HS2 gears up for next stage of work following Government's publication of HS2 report".
    Though these are Goverment plans, when the Minister announced them in the Commons today, the Tories and Lib Dems were vying with Labour as to who is the most pro rail.
    For an alternative view on the economics of railways, go to - Transport Watch.

    britain" More Stats
  • DfT - "Road goods vehicles travelling to mainland Europe 2009 (includes Q4 2009)".

    britain" Yesterday's debate on "Taxes and Charges on Road Users"
  • Hansard (at the bottom of each page, click on next section).
    PS From what was and was not said by the Tories in the debate it is clear that if they form the next Government there will be a lot more tolled roads.

    earth AGW
  • Musical chairs at the UN - BBC - "Scientists to review climate body"   Guardian - "South African tourism minister nominated for top UN climate job"   Watts up with that? - "Former Apartheid Spy Appointed to Head UN Climate Change Effort".
    The UN moves seem to be a PR exercise to try and stem growing sceptimism amongst the plebs.
    PS Comment from James Delingpole in Telegraph - "Herod orders top UN scientists to investigate mysterious infant slaughter in Judaea".
  • Reuters - "China unsure on warming cause, to stick with CO2 cuts".
    Interestingly the "powerful National Development and Reform Commission" is the same body who decided that tolls should be replaced with a fuel tax - a decision that was ignored.

    Wednesday 10 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Virtually no opposition to a new toll road in Virginia - Free Lance Star - "Public has little to say on toll road authority".

  • Sundry stories - West Virginia - "Free transponders rekindle heated topic of turnpike tolls in southern W.Va."   Pennsylvania - "No backup plan if I-80 tolls rejected"   Pennsylvania - "Interstate 80 tolls will hurt area residents" letter   Texas - "Stakes high as cities debate proposed tollway routes" video   South Carolina - "Tolls being considered for new coastal expressway".

    ireland Toll supplement
  • Irish Times - "Rental car users pay 64% more on M50".

    earth AGW
  • Telegraph - "Climategate: George Monbiot despairs of the AGW cause – 'There goes my life's work'".

    Tuesday 9 March 2010

    china Chinese Cash Cow
  • Global Times - "Road tolls are just highway robbery".
    The odd thing is that with effect from January 2009, by agreement of the National Development and Reform Commission, the tolls were to be replaced with a gas tax!
    The failure to remove most of the tolls or bring in a proper gas tax, not only shows the power of those who benefit from tolls, it also shows how sincere the Chinese are about reducing CO2 emissions.

    earth Why quakes are in the news
  • AP - "Not more quakes, just more people in quake zones".

    britain" Britain still a nation of shoppers
  • BBC - "UK trade deficit widens to worst in 17 months"   ONS - "UK Trade - January 2010" pdf   BBC - "UK retail sales rebound in February, says trade group".
    The pound in your pocket is now worth 75 pence compared with three years ago, and there is speculation as to why Britain is still importing more than it exports. One explanation is that with such a large devaluation we need to either export a lot more or import a lot less if we are just to stop the deficit getting worse. As the main policy of the Bank of England is to encourage spending and to keep house prices up, there is no prospect of Britain ever moving out of the red.

    usa USA Roundup
  • Toll proposed for evacuation route in Southern Carolina - SC Now - "Proposed Grand Strand evacuation route likely means tolls".

  • Lies and levees - Dallas Observer - "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Yet Again, The Dallas News Rewrites the History of Trinity River Toll Road".

  • Sundry stories - Wyoming - "Gas tax hike among I-80 options"   Pennsylvania - "Rossi: Tolling I-80 is right thing to do"   Washington State - "Tom bill to advance SR 520 project sent to governor’s desk"   "Potential Maryland Toll Hike Met with Anger" video.

    zimbabwe State of Zimbabwe's toll roads
  • The Herald - "Where is toll cash going?" letter.

    chimaera Cambridgeshire and Reading expect handout despite death of TIF
  • Reading Chronicle - "Rival claims it leads race for roads cash".

    japan Light on tolls
  • Mainichi Daily News - "Bus company may have dodged 5 million yen in highway tolls through ETC fraud".

    britain" An isolated event?
  • Tories in Derby say that they back drivers - Derby Telegraph - "Fair deal for motorists is on Conservatives' agenda".

    south "Wild Coast" toll
  • Dispatch - "New plan for N2 tollroad to KZN".

    britain" On Wednesday, MPs will debate "Taxes and Charges on Road Users"
  • Parliament - Transport Committee: Press Notice. Estimates Day debates are on the Government's spending plans. As MPS appear to be united in spending as little as possible on the roads while excessively taxing drivers, it will be interesting to hear what is said. One pointer may be that the same debate will include one other subject - alcohol.

    earth AGW
  • James Delingpole in Telegraph - "How the British Establishment is conspiring to prop up the AGW myth".

  • "Real Climate" (i.e. Michael Mann and other AGW preachers) throw cold water on the idea that the sun has any effect on Earth's temperature - "More on sun-climate relations".

    Monday 8 March 2010

    india Possible that Indian truckers may strike
  • Handy Shipping Guide - "Strike Action Warning over Diesel Prices and Road Tolls".

    chimaera Bit more on death of TIF
  • Yorkshire Evening Post - "Leeds road pricing u-turn as £2 billion fund is axed". Leeds was one of the very few areas that might have made a TIF submission (the other was Bristol / West of England, and there were two submissions already in - Cambridgeshire and Reading.)

    earth AGW
  • Watts up with that? - "The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide".
    One other point that is not mentioned is that there is some doubt as to whether the overall effect of water vapour is to warm the planet, this is because the so called "greenhouse" effect is countered by clouds reflecting much of the solar energy back into space before it can be absorbed by the Earth - so cloudy nights are warmer but cloudy days are cooler. In the 1980s, before NASA became part of the AGW industry, it ran the "Earth Radiation Budget Experiment". The conclusion was that "the planet would on average be some 20°F hotter if we removed clouds from the atmosphere". As this completly nullifies the theory that CO2 has a multiplier or positive feedback effect, the ERBE has been forgotten - though NASA seems to have left this trace - NASA - "Why Isn't Earth Hot as an Oven?".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Texas - "Cantrell Doesn't Like Taste of Dickey's Proposal That County Get in Toll Road Biz"   Pennsylvania - "Scarnati: No easy answers for road $$$"   Maryland - "Express toll lane project on I-95 being scaled back"   Virginia - "City, Spotsy start toll road process".

    malaysia "An economist’s wet dream"
  • Malaysian Insider. If the combination of a congestion charge and free public transport means that there are no cars on the road, then who will bear the cost of the "free" public transport?

    south Provincial government opposes toll
  • Star - "Toll road opposed by Mkhize".

    Sunday 7 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Alabama - "Something the matter with toll road infatuation"   Michigan - "Our Voice: Tolls roads would be a common-sense solution toward paying for Michigan’s roads".

    earth AGW
  • The latest news release from Weather Action includes an attack on the Met Office and AGW - "WeatherAction offers to fill the gap as Met Office admits failure of seasonal forecasts; and calls on Met Office and politicians to give up Global Warming ‘Religion’     “Global Warming is a paper tiger” – Piers Corbyn".

  • The Guardian implies that the recent critical report from the Institute of Physics was all because of one man in the pay of the oil companies - "Climate emails inquiry: Energy consultant linked to physics body's submission".

  • Today there were no sunspots, though this is only the third such day in 2010 and there is little doubt that the sun is past the deep solar minimum.

    Saturday 6 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Indiana / Kentucky - "WISER: Boiling a frog - Time to ‘jump’ to a toll-free better bridge solution"   Alabama - "U.S. 280 work on express lanes slows so foes can offer views"   Pennsylvania - "State needs money, but tolling I-80 is not the best plan"   West Virginia - "Turnpike doesn’t leave travelers with positive impression"   West Virginia - "Turnpike tolls: Debate flares up again in Charleston"   West Virginia - "Reform gives check on tolls"   Nebraska - "Toll change means less change at Decatur bridge"   New Jersey - "Who's telling the truth on tolls, Christie or his transportation boss?"   South Carolina - "Refinancing plan adds 35 years to Southern Connector tolls".

    australia Bit more on latest toll pushing in Oz
  • Brisbane Times - "Commuters should pay for traffic gridlocks: experts".

    earth AGW
  • It's official, people who do not accept AGW are nuts, or as Wikipedia puts it are "irrational" or suffering from a "psychological defense mechanism against disturbing ideas" - "Denialism".

  • More on the Met Office - BBC - "Met Office seasonal forecasts to be scrapped"   Guardian - "How public trust in climate scientists can be restored"   Prison Planet - "Met Office claims to have found the AGW fingerprint".

    Friday 5 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Bit on possible Massachusetts / New Hampshire toll war - Boston Herald - "N.H. officials call toll plan preemptive strike"   WHDH - "Proposed I-93 toll in N.H. angers some in Mass." video   WMUR - "Possibility Of I-93 Tolls Raises Concerns In Bay State".

  • Sundry stories - Florida - "More Questions Than Answers About Tollway"   Indiana / Kentucky - "Bridge tolls could start in 2013"   Pennsylvania / New Jersey - "I-80 toll bridge project rescheduled by Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission"   Indiana / Kentucky - "Bridges authority won't consider tolls on Clark Memorial Bridge".

    europe More Euro toll pushing
  • EuroPolitics- "Belgian EU Presidency plans to advance on Eurovignette".

    australia More toll pushing in Oz
  • Australasian Bus & Coach - "Congestion charging crucial, say public transport experts".

    earth AGW
  • Met Office still deluded - BBC - "Climate change human link evidence 'stronger'"   Guardian - "Met Office analysis reveals 'clear fingerprints' of man-made climate change"   FT - "Strong evidence on global warming, says study"   Telegraph - "New evidence for man-made global warming"   Daily Mail - "Climate scientists fightback: Mankind IS to blame for global warming, say researchers"   James Delingpole in Telegraph - "Warmists overwhelmed by fear, panic and deranged hatred as their 'science' collapses".

  • Meanwhile the Met Office Climate Summary for February says that it "was generally cold" . Not to worry though, as the Met Office have already said that this winter is globally the warmest ever. Another demonstration of the problems caused by the warm winter is in the Handy Shipping Guide - "Shipping Halted By The Big Baltic Freeze - Freight And Ferry Traffic Trapped In Ice"

  • The colour of money is green - ABC (Oz) - "The money trail".

  • Another green success story - Big Government (US) - "'Symbolic' Wind Turbines Generating More P.R. Than Power".

    Thursday 4 March 2010

    usa USA Roundup
  • Possible toll cut for a few in West Virginia, has a quick death - Bluefield Daily Telegraph - "Proposed toll cut scratched"   Register-Herald - "Chafin fails in bid to reduce tolls".

  • A lot of comments added to these stories about the Massachusetts plan to switch to a toll tag system - Boston Herald - "Gov hits gas on open road tolling"   Boston Globe - "Patrick: Mass may test new tolling within months"   Mass Live - "Mass. may test new tolling electronic tolling system within months, Gov. Deval Patrick says".

  • Explanation of how the Federal Government uses toll "credits" to encourage the spread of toll roads - Freep - "For starters, state needs information the bridge company hasn't provided".

  • Sundry stories - "Pennsylvania Turnpike lease would have backfired"   New Jersey - "The road tolls for you"   Florida - "FDOT Planning Toll Road on Branan Field Chaffee Road"   Massachusetts / New Hampshire - "Toll ‘border war’ looms with N.H."   New Hampshire - "Bill says slow down in E-ZPass lanes"   West Virginia - "W.Va. Senate OKs more toll roads for Parkways"   Maryland - "Debt may lead to toll hikes".

    chimaera Further confirmation of death of TIF
  • Cambridge News - "Congestion charge dead in the water, council bosses confirm".
    PS It seems that some of the politicians in the Reading area are unaware that TIF is dead - Get Reading - "Transport woes ‘fault of West Berks council’".

    earth AGW
  • Another explanation of why the widely accepted temperature records are not worth a candle - Science & Public Policy Institute - "Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?" large pdf.

  • James Delingpole in the Telegraph "Hurrah for George Monbiot!".

    britain" chimaera MPs still toll pushing
  • The Commons Transport Committee have published their report on - "The performance of the Department for Transport" pdf.
    The majority of the committee are against driving and are still pushing for the Government to introduce road pricing. The committe say - "The Government must take some hard decisions about managing demand for road use. If it does not, the economy, environment and public finances will suffer. We support the Department’s ongoing research into finding acceptable methods of charging for road use, perhaps involving voluntary charging schemes as we have suggested. We urge the Department not to shy away from this difficult but important issue, and to address it with renewed focus and determination early in the next Parliament."

    chimaera Bit more on death of TIF
  • Materials Handling World - "The Freight Transport Association FTA welcome government plans to abandon congestion charging policy".

    ireland ulster Bit more on Northern Ireland Government to help the Republic chase tolls
  • Belfast Telegraph - "End of the road for drivers who dodge southern tolls".

    scotland More on the creeping back of the Trolls
  • Dunfermline Press - "Bridge tolls 'a last resort'".

    britain" Decision deferred
  • Scunthorpe Telegraph - "No bridge tolls decision before election"   Hull Daily Mail - "Election to take toll on bridge decision".

    Wednesday 3 March 2010

    chimaera Bit more on death of TIF
  • The DfT have published a discussion paper on the replacement for TIF. "Road pricing" is mentioned as a possible measure but it is at the bottom of the list - DfT - "Supporting Cities: A Discussion Paper On Plans For An Urban Challenge Fund" pdf.

    earth More on AGW
  • Telegraph - "EU carbon trading windfalls under fire from Lord Turner".

    usa USA Roundup
  • More on possible toll cut for a few in West Virginia - Charleston Daily Mail - "W.Va. can't afford a Turnpike discount"   Register-Herald - "Turnpike manager says local toll cuts would be unconstitutional".

  • Sundry stories - Massachusetts - "Gov moving fast on open road tolling"   New Hampshire - "Hampton woman, children injured in toll plaza crash"   Massachusetts / New Hampshire - "Opposition To Salem, N.H. Tolls Grows" video.

    New York - "Raucous rally in Queens against MTA cuts, tolls and end of free student cards"   New Hampshire - "Group rallies against I-93 toll"   Washington State - "Grace period for Narrows toll scofflaws passes House"   Texas - "Dallas County may create toll agency"   Pennsylvania - "Tolling I-80: Better plans available"   New Hampshire / Massachusetts - "Ground Campaign To Stop I-93 Tolls Growing".

    Washington State - "2 toll-collection bills for 520 floating bridge pass House"   Rhode Island - "Plan for Sakonnet River Bridge toll draws opposition"   Maryland - "Bay Bridge Users' Rights"   "Wyoming’s I-80 toll plan dies in House"   New Jersey / Pennsylvania - "Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission delays open road tolling project for Interstate 80"   New York - "Cross Bay Bridge rebate targeted".

    australia Toll proposed to pay for pavement
  • Mornington Peninsula Leader - "Outrage over St Johns Wood Rd toll".

    ireland ulster Northern Ireland Government to help the Republic chase tolls
  • RTE - "Cross-border agreement on parking fines".

    chimaera More on death of TIF
  • The DfT have confirmed to us that TIF is dead, and with it the two applications that were pending - Cambridgeshire and Reading. The only other application ever submitted was for Greater Manchester, and that was of course already dead - Cambridge News - "Cambridgeshire's bid for £500m rejected"   Manchester Evening News - "Now transport millions on offer with no c-charge"   Telegraph - "Motorists' victory as Government drops plans for local road pricing scheme".
    Yesterday's statement in the Commons   DfT - the Minister's speech at the "launch event".
    PS Cambridgeshire say that they may have a Con anyway - BBC - "Cambridge congestion charge plans on hold".

    earth AGW
  • Institute of Physics denies that they are not 100% behind AGW belief - Guardian - "Institute of Physics forced to clarify submission to climate emails inquiry".

    Tuesday 2 March 2010

    chimaera TIF dead?
  • It seems that the Transport Innovation Fund has quietly passed away. TIF promised authorities large amounts of money if they would agree to introduce road tolls. The scheme that replaces it seems to have no such strings - NDS - "Cities told transport strategies need to be bolder".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Possible toll cut for a few in West Virginia - Bluefield Daily Telegraph - "Turnpike toll rollback clears finance committee"   Charleston Daily Mail - "Tolls may be discounted for residents"   Register-Herald - "Tolls may be discounted for residents"   Charleston Gazette - "Resident discount amendment on toll road bill could be unconstitutional".

  • Sundry stories - New Jersey - "Live toll collectors beat E-ZPass woes" letter   Florida - "Work begins on new toll road"   Washington State - "Interstate 405 toll lanes gain traction in Senate"   South Carolina - "Bailout of Upstate toll road opposed"   New Jersey - "Acting N.J. transportation commissioner says he'd consider tolls on Route 80".

    japan More pressure on the Japanese Government from the trolls
  • Japan Times - "Editorial - A promise the DPJ should forget".
    The vested interests that benefit from toll roads say that "more traffic means more greenhouse gases". If they really wanted to reduce fuel use, then they would be arguing for a switch from tolls and other taxes to a higher gas tax.

    earth AGW
  • More on yesterday's session of the Science and Technology Cttee on "The Disclosure Of Climate Data From The Climatic Research Unit At The University Of East Anglia" - The Register - "Climategate hits Westminster: MPs spring a surprise"   Telegraph - "Climategate: 'a lot of common data' – Phil Jones exposes AGW dominoes to Commons committee"   Guardian - "Phil Jones survives MPs' grilling over climate emails"   Parliament - video of the session.

    england The English doormats
  • Only 40% of English people are concerned that MPs from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales decide on what happens in England; and even less support an English Parliament - BBC - "Research says support growing for English Parliament".

    Monday 1 March 2010

    earth More AGW
  • BBC - "MPs quiz 'climategate' scientist"   Guardian - "US Senate's top climate sceptic accused of waging 'McCarthyite witch-hunt'"   Telegraph - "Baby survives parents' global warming suicide pact"   James Delingpole in Telegraph - "What the liberal elite feel you should know about 'Climate Change'".

    britain" Save a Tree
  • For one reason or another, a DfT report has been "leaked" to the Times - "Green fuels cause more harm than fossil fuels, according to report".

    usa USA Roundup
  • Sundry stories - Texas - "A separate toll authority for Dallas County?"   Pennsylvania - "Reject I-80 tolls - form Plan B"   New Hampshire - "Raise more toll money to widen I-93".

    Virginia - "Bill could allow lawmakers to approve HOT lanes"   Michigan - "Jackson officials say toll roads are not the answer to Michigan's financial potholes".

    chile Chile's roads
  • Chile's main north to south road and some roads around Santiago are mainly tolled and foreign owned. Apart from the damage caused by the earthquake to roads and bridges, some tolls are not operating because of breaks in power supplies. It is not likely that the operators will have taken into account these risks, but they may be bailed out by the World Bank and other parts of the troll establishment.

    earth AGW
  • Following recent criticism such as on - Fox News - "You Can Call Him Al ... But Al Won't Call You Back", Al Gore returns to the public eye, still fighting "global warming pollution" - NY Times - "We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change".

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