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Thursday 30 March 2006

usa Trolls Survey says people want No Tolls
The Trolls of the Texas Department of Transportation, have reported that 65 percent of people oppose toll roads. But Terri Hall of San Antonio Toll Party, said they will ignore their own survey: Ksat - "65 Percent Say No To Tolls". We wonder what an independent survey would have revealed. But then again, we all know the answer.

london Con Compassion
"Congestion fine drives family to distraction" The Ilford Recorder reports on a family that had their car clamped and then taken from them after they took the baby to hospital.

britain Too little
A couple of reports from the BBC about how the Government is dealing with congestion: "'Jam busters' take to the roads"   "Traffic centre aims to cut jams".
The truth is that the Government is doing almost nothing. Britain has an inadequate road system because only one seventh of roads taxes is spent on roads. Roads users get Mondays' taxes, and Gordon Brown keeps the rest. For a start, they could buy out the M6 Toll road and relieve a lot of the worst congestion in the Midlands.

usa Toll Lunch
A report on the Tolls debate luncheon: San Antonio Express - "Chamber crowd hears tolls' pros and cons". Depending on which report you read either the debate was inconclusive, or the Trolls won.
The main Troll argument was that you can have a toll road now, but if you finance it from gas or orther taxes it would take decades. This is probably Lie Number One in the Troll Handbook. Roads are built with workers, equipment and materials that are available. They can be paid for out of current revenues or you can borrow. With toll roads, the Trolls borrow from the banks at high interest rates, and recover this, the toll collection costs and their profits from tolls. The State can also borrow, usually at lower rates, and repay from each year's taxes. No tolls costs less and saves hassle.
PSTony Siciliano of Masschusetts reckons that the trolls are here to stay:- Metro West - "Toll takers are here to stay".

australia usa Australians Migrate to US
MIG, the Australian toll road investors are to sell their Australian interests to concentrate on buying US roads:- Fleet Owner - "U.S. toll roads a growth opportunity". Could this be a new Gold Rush?

Wednesday 29 March 2006

ireland Irish Tolls Joke
"Waterford Today" reports that the city is to bring in a road toll - but it will only last 6 months - they say:- "Temporary toll on city boundaries".

usa Missouri Hustlers
A new bridge is needed betwenn Missouri and Illinois. A large part of the cost would come from Federal funds. Missouri have now confirmed that they want the bridge to be tolled, with them owning the bridge though they will not have paid a cent towards it. Illinois want it to be free: Belleville News Democrat - "River bridge gains Missouri's partial OK". Difficult to know how to deal with the toll pirates which infest some US states. They just love tolls where they are mainly paid by out of staters. Perhaps the Federal Government should increase the Federal gas tax, and finance all Inter state road costs.

Tuesday 28 March 2006

london usa Ken Blows Kisses to US Ambassador - Part 2
Ken has been reported to the Standards Board for what he said about the American diplomats not paying the Con charge.
It is a strange democracy when politicians can be disciplined or removed from office for their offensive remarks which may be made in the heat of the moment or the speaker may be sick. Yet Londoners are apparently happy for him to have powers that would satisfy a megalomaniac, and where no one can do anything when he decides to extend the Con charge area against the wishes of the people.

britain Strike
Many public sector workers are on strike today because of concerns over changes to pension rights. This might have meant that drivers had an easier journey as they would not have to queue at the tolls. Unfortunately the trolls have completely closed two crossings - the Mersey Tunnels at Liverpool, and the Tyne Tunnel near Newcastle. They have also brought in traffic restrictions on the Forth Road bridge. As you might expect there are no restrictions on non toll roads.

china Tolls Number One to stop tolls?
Communist China has more road tolls than anyone else, but now they are thinking of scrapping the tolls and introducing a fuel tax. This is to "standardize public finance and also to effectively adjust oil consumption":- China Post - "Preparation prevents higher oil price pain". Perhaps someone ought to tell the Greens in Britain who are fanatical supporters of tolls.
PS On the other side of the coin it is reported that India plans more toll roads. Presumably they are not concerned about fuel use.

usa Some don't want Tolls
  • The Times Dispatch reports that Virginia's Governor had a public meeting to discuss how the state should finance future roads spending. There were lots of ideas, including bonds and the gas tax. But no one suggested tolls. Was this because it was a public meeting? "Pay for roads now, or pay more later, Kaine tells crowd".
  • It is also reported today that more politicians are joining in the campaign against the Niagara Thruway Tolls.
  • The trolls have not gone away. The more people who oppose tolls, the more that the troll interests will push their side. So we were a bit surprised to see today that the Arizona Star having talked to the Trolls concluded "There may be a seductive logic to tolls, but some public works projects - and we think the highway system is one of them - should be a responsibility shared by everyone, because the economic consequences of bad or nonexistent roads affect the entire state."
  • Texas is to have a Tolls luncheon, where Trolls and anti Toll campaigners will put their case: San Antonio Express - "Toll roads up for discussion at public hearings". Pity that they are charging $40!

    Monday 27 March 2006

    london usa Ken Blows Kisses to US Ambassador
    Ken is trying again to bully the Americans into paying the London Con charge:- BBC - "Mayor in road toll clash with US".
    It is not mentioned on the BBC, but in America it is revealed that the London Mayor used some undiplomatic language on the TV and said that the US Ambassador was like a "chiseling little crook" MSN - "London mayor goes after US embassy for tolls".
    PS This was also reported in some of the US news media. They think that the Brits are odd anyway and their London embassy spokesman said "The mayor has a tendency to hyperbole."

    europe New Orders from the Euro Trolls
    The Euro Trolls are at it again. They have passed a new directive requiring Britain and other countries to "introduce and develop tolls and charges". It will apply to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes:- Europa - "Towards fair and efficient infrastructure charging".

    london A Fine reduction
    A strange headline on the Transport News Network:- "Congestion Charge Talks Bring Hope". All it means is that the firms that hire cars out, hope that they will be saddled with fewer unfair fines.

    usa No tolls to save money
    There have been further calls from "Free the Pike" and others to merge the Massachussets Turnpike with the other roads, and then remove some of the tolls. They reckon that it would save money:- MetroWest - "Toll collectors dominate Pike payroll".

    Sunday 26 March 2006

    britain chimaera British Establishment and "Climate policy"
    The BBC seem more like a "Ministry of Information", they have an item on "Transport and climate policy". It gives the impression that "mainstream motoring groups" support road pricing. For mainstream read Government poodles. Roads users are already hit hard while other fuel users are hardly taxed. Road pricing is the daftest idea of all. It does not differentiate between a gas guzzler and a small car, and based on Government figures it would cost on average 10 billion a year. What a waste, and what a sad reflection on the British establishment that they don't know any better.
    usa chimaera American Establishment and "Climate policy""
    Britain is not alone, many Americans have jumped om the bandwaggon. As at Friday 219 USA cities had joined the "Mayors Climate Protection Agreement". They want to reduce CO2 emissions by "discouraging driving by imposing tolls and higher parking lot taxes". We are not sure whether they are daft or what. A five year old would know that tolls don't vary by CO2 emissions. And why are parked cars producing all this CO2? Though the $64,000 dollar question is why don't they mention gas taxes?

    usa "Popular as potholes"
    Though most Americans are blind to the adverse effects of tolls, and America is generally rushing ahead with plans for more tolls and for selling roads off to private (usually foreign) companies, not everyone is happy. One says:- "What are they going to sell next, the sidewalks?" Another says "Tolls are about as popular as potholes.". Even those who don't want to be buried under a sea of concrete are unhappy about "land-grabbing highway henchmen who want to cram toll roads down our throats".

    Friday 24 March 2006

    barbados No tolls for Barbados
    The Barbados Minister of Public Works, Gline Clarke, says that tolls is a "foolish proposal and would cause tremendous hardship on our people". Nation - "CLARKE REJECTS TOLL" .

    Thursday 23 March 2006

    usa Expert tells the truth
    Colorado wants to put extra lanes on the C470 and toll them. But their own expert says that this is the worst option. The toll lanes would cost 50% more to build than free lanes, and "congestion on the rest of the highway would worsen because no additional free lanes would be built, a tactic aimed at helping the toll lanes to stay profitable" and "toll lanes would lead to more accidents because of "weaving" as drivers try to get to and from them in heavy traffic" and "finally, he said the study failed to support its conclusion that tolls would pay for the project. Earlier versions said tolls would cover up to 80 percent. Marshall called it "magic money," based on projected traffic growth he said was beyond the capacity of the toll lanes to handle." Rocky Mountain News - "Paid expert blasts C-470 tolls"   Denver Post - "Douglas resists C-470 toll plan". Perhaps next time they will hire an "expert" who gives them the answer they want. Let's hope that this one doesn't find that he never works again.

    london Labour Loans
    The chairman of Capita who run the London Con Charge is to step down. This follows the controversy over loans to the Labour Party.

    australia Australian politicians to test how dumb the voters are
    The Lane Cove Toll Tunnel will be opened with a free trial period. But the opening is likely to be delayed at the request of the politicians. This is because of the usual measure of closing free roads to force drivers into the toll road. The politicians hope that if they delay this till after the election, the people won't realise till it's too late:- Sydney Morning Herald - "Tunnel-wary drivers to be given free ride".

    Wednesday 22 March 2006

    britain Drivers view of Budget
    As usual the Budget was based on dogma. The Association of British Drivers comment on Gordon Brown's Budget was that it "missed the mark on transport taxation and delivers three blows to Britain's hardworking families, none of which will help the environment:-
    Vehicle Excise Duty
    The Chancellor has increased Vehicle Excise Duty on larger family cars as a knee jerk response to a campaign of intimidation waged by the likes of Greenpeace.
    It gets worse because the increases catch out a large range of typical family transports, as well as penalising rural users of 4x4s who need them for towing and off road use.
    This tax-hike does little except penalise family drivers, especially in rural areas. They are already hard-hit by the escalating cost of fuel, so they already pay more to run their cars. To make them pay even more is simply inequitable. It is also bad for safety, as these measures will encourage people to overload smaller vehicles that are not fit for purpose.
    The shift away from simple and effective fuel taxation towards excise duty is a futile trend. Unlike fuel taxation, VED bears no relation to usage. A large vehicle which is parked in an owner's drive all day whilst he catches the train to work uses far less fuel than a small car which does a high mileage, yet an increasing reliance on excise duty will penalise the former and reward the latter. Indeed, the owner of a less efficient vehicle could be forgiven for saying 'Well I've paid a high amount of tax already, I may as well drive to work'.

    The Chancellor actively encouraged drivers to switch to cleaner LPG in past budgets, but now their popularity has grown he is clawing his money back. Yet another increase in tax is a severe deterrent to switching to a greener, LPG-powered car.

    Motorcycles have been subjected to a tax increase, rather than a decrease to reflect their potential for congestion-busting. The increase is relatively small, but the ABD believes Mr Brown should have taken the opportunity to decrease motorcycle tax. Powered two-wheelers are a really effective way for people to travel cleanly and quickly, whilst using minimal road and parking space - we believe the government should recognise this with a tax break."
    usa No Tolls says Niagara
    We reported on the 12th that a businessman was taking on the trolls to get tolls removed from the Niagara section of the Thruway. Erie County politicians are now calling for the tolls to be removed: Kenton Gazzette - "More Support to Ditch Buffalo Tolls". Nice picture of how to halve the tolls cost!

    Tuesday 21 March 2006

    britain chimaera More on - More waste of space
    NAAT plug on ITV Motoring: "Car Share Reactions".

    germany Tolls have little effect on Mode of Goods transport
    TransCare (a rail and logistics group based in Germany) have released results of a study into the effect of tolls on encouraging switch of goods transport from road to rail. They say that tolls as high as one euro per kilometre ** would only cause 1.22% of traffic to switch from road to rail:- Transport News Network - "Increased Road Tolls not the Answer - TransCare". ** 1.10 pence or $1.95 a mile.

    usa Bridge Spiral
    John King in the San Francisco Chronicle catalogues the history of the development of a new Bay Bridge:- "Towering question -- When will it be ready?". Would so much money and time have been wasted if it wasn't to be financed from tolls?

    Monday 20 March 2006

    south South Africa Against Tolls
    Residents have had a protest march and are planning to boycott the Chapman's Peak toll road because of toll increases:- Independent online - "Residents in Chappies protest march".

    britain chimaera More waste of space
    The Government have announced a plan for another "car share" lane. This one would be built alongside a one mile stretch of the M62 near Bradford and Leeds. There is already a plan for one on a long stretch of the M1 from Luton to Watford: DfT Press release   Yorkshire Post - "Yorkshire drivers face car-sharing lane trial run".
    In the Manchester Evening News, Joey from Ashton under Lyne said:- "Sounds about right!! A car carrying a doctor, a tradesman, company rep etc is held up, costing time and money, whilst a couple on their way to the shopping centre have a trouble free ride. Does a hearse quailfy or has the passenger got to be living?"
    Voluntary car sharing as being promoted in Leeds is a good idea, but this is just another waste of road space, leading to toll lanes.
    On the safety issue here is an extract from a Texas Transportation Institute 2005 report "Crash Data Identity Safety Issues for High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes in Selected Texas Corridors": Crash Data Evaluation
    "The research team analyzed crash data to evaluate buffer-separated concurrent flow and moveable barrier-separated HOV lanes.
    A "before" and "after" comparison of corridor crash rates on IH-35E North in Dallas indicated a 56 percent increase in injury crash rates since installation of the buffer-separated HOV lanes.
    IH-635 experienced a 41 percent increase in injury crash rates since installation of the buffer-separated HOV lanes.
    The research team identified three key findings from the crash data analysis of Dallas corridors with buffer-separated concurrent flow HOV lanes:
  • The injury crash rate increased.
  • Increase in injury crashes was primarily focused in the HOV lane and the adjacent general- purpose lane (Lane 1).
  • Increase in injury crashes was likely due to the speed differential between the HOV lane and the general-purpose lanes. The general-purpose lanes experienced congestion during peak periods, while the HOV lanes usually operated at the speed limit.
  • Based on the freeway's traffic characteristics and a review of crash data within each corridor, it appears that the excessive congestion in the general-purpose lanes (i.e., bumper-to- bumper traffic) makes it difficult for vehicles in the HOV lane to find gaps in Lane 1 to easily change lanes. Also, vehicles in the slow-moving general- purpose lanes wishing to enter the HOV lane must first change lanes into the HOV lane and then accelerate up to speed. In either situation, the speed differential between the HOV lane and Lane 1 appears to be a factor in crash occurrence. The analysis of crash data from the IH-30 corridor indicates that the moveable barrier-separated HOV lanes did not have an effect on injury crash rates. "
    britain m6toll chimaera Tory attacks Tolls
    In a change from Saturday we now have the Tory Shadow Transport Secretary, Christopher Grayling, attacking toll roads. He calls the existing M6 Toll a "rich man's road":- Birmingham Post. Though he doesn't want the existing M6 Toll or proposed M6 Toll or tolls in Birmingham, he "thinks toll motorways have a role to play". What a pity he doesn't go the whole way.

    Saturday 18 March 2006

    britain chimaera Tory backs Tolls
    The Shadow Chancellor speaking in Manchester said that he "backed greater use of road tolls" and "we need to stop the ever-increasing share of national income being taken by the state" "Budget tip for Brown". Presumably in the Tory dictionary, tolls do not count as a tax.

    britain Truckers' Plea
    Yesterday the Freight Transport Association issued a pre budget press release. It boils down to "Please sir, no more taxes". It shows how the anti roads lobby has drivers under it's thumb.

    usa 800,000 Toll fans
    Last year 800,000 drivers went through the Pennsylvania Turnpike without paying. It is good news for the trolls though as they make a big profit from fines and fees:- Pittsburgh Tribune Review - "Toll cheats rarely win".

    newzealand london Auckland Con Charge?
    The trolls want to introduce tolls on Auckland roads, but there are mixed views:- stuff - "Doubts charges on Auckland roads will solve congestion"   Scoop - "Motorists Unlikely To Accept Road Pricing Options"
    NZ Government press release and links to report

    Friday 17 March 2006

    usa Trolls - Big Spenders
    Alisia Jezierny, former chairwoman of "Citizens Against Tolls" complains about Massachussets Port Authority (financed by bridge tolls) wasting money:- Boston Herald - "Massport 'report' shocker".

    sweden london Stockholm Trial - Officially "A big success"
    Report on the official Sweden site on the Stockholm Con. It says that there has been a 20% reduction in traffic following the trial introduction of the charge** and that the scheme is supported by most people:- "Car tolls reduce Stockholm traffic".
    ** Charge varies accourding to the numbr of times the road is used and when. Mininum daily charge is 10 kronor (75 pence or $1.30) and maximum total daily charge is 60 kronor (four pounds 50 or $8).

    Thursday 16 March 2006

    britain chimaera RAC Foundation want Bigger Pro Tolls Campaign from the Government
    An RAC Foundation survey of the attitude of Britain's drivers to road pricing has been widely reported:- Press Release. The RAC Foundation compare the 2006 survey with a similar survey that they commissioned in 2002. They say that the 2 surveys show that "the majority of motorists still accept the principle that it would be fairer to pay for the roads according to the amount of time spent driving in congestion rather than the current system of taxing fuel and vehicle ownership: the proportion agreeing to that has increased by two points to 62 per cent."

    According to another part of the survey the support for any particular application of road pricing has declined. The Foundation suggest that the Government should do more to win drivers over to road pricing.

    The Foundation's latest publication appears to be relying on people having short memories. On the 26 January 2004, they published a News release based on research that they did in 2003. The release started "Motorists would back a radical shake up of the tax system, putting all of the 42 billion they currently pay in tax onto fuel, scrapping the tax disc and abandoning plans for future road user charging, according to new research by RAC."

    If asked in an UNBIASED way, motorists do not want tolls or road user charging. It would inevitably lead to increased costs - just to cover the cost of collection would need about 10 billion extra a year, which is like adding at least 20 pence to the cost of a litre of fuel. Why do the Government and their allies continue to try and sell such a daft idea?

    taiwan Corruption charge
    A report in China Post - "Deputy manager involved in ETC scandal gets bail" - says that a Taiwan manager charged with corruption concerning electronic tolls has been released on bail.

    usa "Do we really want this?"
    Carlos Guerra and the Texas Toll plans:- San Antonio Express - "With toll roads, the devils in the details could be astounding".

    london Green = Pollution
    Greens are rabid supporters of tolls. A bit odd as tolls are regarded as right wing, and if you want to reduce the waste products from the burning of fuel, then you would tax fuel. One bizarre example of their logic is that some of the most polluting vehicles are exempt from the London con charge. And it's not just buses and taxis, it's gas guzzling monster luxury cars:- Times - "Lumbering, petrol-guzzling giant that dodges the congestion charge".

    usa Let my people go
    New York Congressman Brian Higgins has called for the Federal government to help get tolls removed from the Interstate 90:- Amherst Times - "HIGGINS CALLS FOR FEDERAL HELP TO REMOVE I-190 TOLLS".

    Wednesday 15 March 2006

    usa Indiana Goes Tolls
    Indiana politicians passed by 3 votes a Bill backing the Governor's "Major Moves" plan to sell the Indiana Toll road to the Australians and toll part of an extension to the Interstate 69. All but one Republican voted for the Bill, and all the Democrats voted against:- Courier Press - "Highway plan survives"   later report in Fort Wayne Journal.

    Tuesday 14 March 2006

    usa Pass-through Tolls
    Texas is going BIG for tolls, but oddly they are also looking at "shadow" or "pass-through" tolls. This is where the road is "free" but the authorities pay the road builder according to how many vehicles use the road:-McKinney Courier Gazette - "County may OK firm to study shadow tolls".


    M6 Toll decline bottoming off
    Traffic on the M6 Toll in February was down again compared with the year before, but the decline is bottoming off:- Detailed figures. We didn't issue a press release but Duncan Tift from the Express and Star has enterprisingly picked this up anyway:- "Drivers shun toll motorway".

    Monday 13 March 2006

    usa Tolls Wanted Ad
    More reasons for "chosing" tolls:-Oakland Press - "We shouldn't be so afraid of hearing about toll roads".

    london Ken and Jerry
    London's favourite Mayor attacks Britain's Number One motoring journalist. Ken says that Jeremy Clarkson is responsible for areas of London likely to be flooded by the "melting of polar ice caps" and plans to call them "Clarkson zones". MotorTorque - "Livingstone blames Clarkson for global warming".

    usa Indiana Toll Sale Ads
    Plans to sell the Indiana Toll road to our Australian friends are not proving popular in Indiana. So now some anonymous philanthropists are funding an advertising campaign:-NWI Times - "Negotiations heat up".

    britain chimaera m6toll

    Tolls "supported by motoring organisations"
    The Government thinks that the people are daft. Their latest dodge according to the Guardian is to bring in toll lanes on motorways. They are looking at the M6, where the Government has been desperately trying to reduce congestion without spending any money. Guardian - "Toll lanes to pay your way out of traffic jams". The report says that "Motoring organisations are supportive". The news media has this odd idea that the AA and RAC represent drivers, but they are just part of the Transport establishment. The only organisation that is run by and for drivers is the Association of British Drivers - why don't the news media ask them?

    Sunday 12 March 2006

    usa Toll Fighter
    Carl Paladino, a Buffalo, New York, businessman is taking on the trolls. He says that the Thruway tolls are illegal and "Yeah, I'm mad, and I'm not going to let them go on this one.".The reporter, Donn Esmonde says "He shouldn't. Neither should the rest of us." Buffalo News - "Thruway messes with the wrong guy". (Report in Niagara Falls Reporter on 7th March).

    usa Tolls Discrimination
    Two drivers are suing the Metropolitan Transport Authority. They say that the discounts which are given to some people are discriminatory and illegal:- New York Post - "LAWSUIT TAKES TOLL ON MTA".

    usa More on Indiana Toll Sale
    Fort Wayne Journal - "For whom the road tolls".

    usa Texas - Tolls or Gas Tax
    Carlos Guerra says the Texas mega toll roads plan is "about cronyism and big bucks". He points out that roads could be funded by the state gas tax - only 20 cents a gallon since 1991, and says "During the past 25 years, at the state level, more than $10 billion has been used from the state gas tax for other purposes" San Antonio Express - "Toll road debate follows the special interests in big-bucks lane".

    Saturday 11 March 2006

    usa Call to get rid of Trolls
    Bud Ruhle in the Pocono Record wants an end to tolls on the Interstate 80 Delaware river bridge. He says "Where the money goes is no secret. It goes to lucratively compensate those few souls lucky to be well enough connected to a politician to be appointed to the Bridge Commission; to wages for the toll collectors and administrative personnel, which is, in essence, a jobs program; and into a slush fund that provides "walking around money" for politicians in both states to dole out to their favorite pork projects." "Get rid of superfluous toll bridge commission".

    Friday 10 March 2006

    sweden london Stockholm Divided
    Opinion on the Stockholm Con scheme is divided. - "Stockholm Congestion Tax Remains Unpopular". In any case the Stockholm scheme is very different from the London con.

    australia South Australian Premier says "No Tolls"
    ABC News - "Rann rules out road tolls".

    usa Virginia says "No" to more tolls
    A bill to build more roads and bridges has ben withdrawn by its sponsor, after it was amended to remove tolls. The Virginian Pilot - "Frustrated sponsor withdraws tolling authority bill".

    Thursday 9 March 2006

    usa Simple Tolls?
    Another tale of a driver being falsely accused of not paying the toll:- abc7news - "Commuter Accused Of Not Paying Bridge Toll". Best bit is the excuse from the Golden Gate bridge people "First, the collector counts the car's axels and collects the cash. Then the car is going to move forward and they'll cross this treadle. The treadle verifies the number of axels. The car then passes between two "light curtains," which act as invisible borders or "finish lines. Before the car reaches the last curtain, the toll collector must register the payment on the computer's touch-screen. As you can see, people can come through here at a very good clip so they're having to make sure they get that entry in time. If they don't, a violation notice is automatically sent out, even if you paid.". So it's all nice and simple then.

    Wednesday 8 March 2006

    australia Tolls Half Price
    Sydney's Cross City Tunnel has had full price tolls, then no tolls, then back to full tolls, and now its half price! Sydney Morning Herald - "Halved toll expands tunnel's trickle".

    Tuesday 7 March 2006

    belgium Transport Minister says "No Tolls"
    We could hardly believe this report from "Brussels Transport Minister Pascal Smet is opposed to proposals aimed at imposing road tolls on motorists commuting to the Belgian capital. A study had indicated tolls would reduce traffic on the ring road by 15 percent. But Smet is opposed to the system, fearing that businesses will relocate to the Flemish and Wallonian Brabant provinces. He also doubted if such a system was feasible given the number of access roads and said it was unjust because only those who could afford the toll would drive to Brussels."

    Monday 6 March 2006

    britain chimaera

    Tories out of the closet, admit they back Tolls
    Tory Tolls policy has not been clear since David Cameron took over the Tories, and Chris Grayling became his Transport Secretary. But today Chris talks to EGov Monitor and comes partly out of the closet, backing tolls. Is this a shift to the left, the right, or back?

    Friday 3 March 2006

    london The Con Game reports
  • Transport News Network reports on the latest London Chamber of Commerce business survey. Most businesses want the London "Congestion" zone not to be extended, and say that extension will lead to further job losses, particularly in shops. "Job Loss Fears from C-Charge Extension".

  • TNN also report that the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association are to take Transport for London to the European Court of Justice. The association say "TfL is making it impossible for drivers to appeal against charges of non-payment and many leasing and rental companies are made liable for offences on long-term lease vehicles." "BVRLA Challenges Congestion Charge Appeals".

    usa No Tolls and No "Donations"
    An Independent plans to run as Massachussets Governor:- The Republican - "Independent launches campaign for governor". He says he will get rid of tolls and "he would refuse campaign donations from lobbyists, state employees, political action committees and state contractors". If he says he will get rid of tolls, he wouldn't have got any noney from them anyway!

    Thursday 2 March 2006

    usa Utah goes Tolls
    Utah politicians have voted to introduce toll roads. Bizarrely they also voted that 8.3 percent of vehicle taxes should go into the state road fund. We don't know what they intend to do with the other 91.7 percent.

    Wednesday 1 March 2006

    london Mini Congestion Zones
    London papers reports that Transport for London want to introduce mini toll zones around London. "Is a new type of congestion charge on the cards?"   "Wood Green car charge zone 'within four years'".

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